Severe Drought Threatens Midwest Corn Crops

Soybean Oil Health: Obesity And Weight Gain Associated With High Soybean Oil Intake – More Than Coconut Oil [+VIDEO]

A recent study shows that, although a lot has been said about soybean oil's health properties, in fact it might just be the unhealthiest of all vegetable oils, actually leading to more cases of type-2 diabetes and obesity than fructose products.

Chinese Students Attend Summer Camp For Overweight Kids

Fat Cartoon Characters May Fuel Obesity Epidemic – Children Eat More Junk Food Because Of Garfield, Homer Simpson

For decades, concerned parents have warned about the violence shown on animated shows directed at children, but a new study has shown that this may not be the bigger problem when it comes to what the young one watch, but rather the influence fat cartoon characters have on them - as being exposed to overweight characters makes children eat unhealthily.

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Eating Right is Crucial During Pregnancy: Mother's Weight Drastically Impacts Child's Health

It turns out that too much or too little weight gain during pregnancy can increase the risk of having an overweight or obese child.


Genetic 'Switch' May Speed Up a Person's Metabolism and Combat Obesity and Diabetes

Scientists have discovered a genetic "switch" that can accelerate a person's basal metabolic rate, which could potentially lead to a dramatic reduction in the risk of obesity and diabetes.

Junk Food

Junk Food Diet Linked to Laziness

ow, a new study has found that consuming excessive amounts of junk foods can lead to obesity and as a result, make an individual lazy.


Fat or Fit? New Gallup Study Reveals Thinnest Cities Across the Country

A new Gallup study reveals which cities are the fattest and thinnest across the country.


Males Who Smoke Regularly Have Obese Sons

Men who start smoking before their teens can expect to have fatter sons, according to new research.

Diabetes Testing Strips

Obesity Surgery Combats Type 2 Diabetes: Weight Loss for Patients Helps

Thinking about weight loss surgery? Researchers have found that it may just help patients with type 2 diabetes.

Obese Children

High Levels of Cholesterol Found in About One-Third of Children

A new study found that many preteen have high cholesterol levels.


Toddlers Who Sleep Less at Greater Risk for Obesity: Snooze to Lose

Is your child at risk for obesity? He might be if he sleeps less than ten hours a day.

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Moms and Kids Activity Levels Linked in New Study

A new study reveals that the more active a mother is, the more physically active her child will be.


Salty Food Can Speed Up Cellular Aging in Overweight and Obese Teens

Salty foods, such as chips, pizza and dips, can be tasty. But what happens if you eat too much of them? Researchers have found that overweight or obese teens who eat too much salty food may show signs of faster cell aging.


Fried Food is More Dangerous for Those with Genetic Risk for Obesity

Do you like fried food? A new study reveals that how much these oily snacks can affect your waistline may be hardwired into your genetics.

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Parent Behaviors Raise Obesity Risk in Infants

Could you be setting up your child for obesity? That might be the case. Researchers found that behaviors linked to high obesity risk are common among parents of 2-month-olds.


Kids Treated with Stimulant Pills for ADHD May be Obese

Could stimulants used to treat ADHD be affecting kids' weight?

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Food Tech
Up for a Challenge? Why not Participate in NASA’s Deep Space Food Challenge for the Astronauts

NASA Launches Big Prize for Deep Space Food Challenge for Astronauts

Participate in the Deep Space Food Challenge and help the astronauts from NASA to eat better food.

Chipotle Levels up their Drive Through Service' Chipotlane' by investing in online-only services to complement their competitors

Chipotle's Drive Through Service 'Chipotlane' Offers Online-Only Services

Try Chipotle's mobile app and pick up your order in Chipotlanes, for a safer fast food transaction this 2021

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