Hamburger and Fries

Soda And Junk Food Don’t Cause Obesity, Is it For Real?

A new study support the findings that eating any one high-calorie or sugary food is obviously unhealthy and does not help in losing weight.

Young woman eating doughnut, surrounded by cakes

Your Food Cravings Depends On Your DNA!

High-fat sugary foods cravings may have a connection with your genetic makeup.

Childhood Obesity

What Food Contribute to Weight Gain in Children?

The findings showed that children who gained the most weight over the course of 3 years ate more butter and margarine, fried fish and poultry, potato chips, processed meat, French fries, milk, sweets, and sugary beverages.

Breastfeeding infant

Some Nutrients in Mother’s Breast Milk Play A Role In The Transmission Of Obesity Among Newborns

Recent study shows that some factors in breast milk may play a vital role in the transmission of obesity among babies.

Fast Food Companies Battle For Clients

Fast Food TV Ads Influence Kid's Food Choices, Increasing Obesity Risks

A new study examines the marketing tactics of big fast food companies, and how these affect the food options and consumption of kids and adults alike.

There Might be a Link between Your Job and Waistline

There Might be a Link between Your Job and Waistline

A study conducted in Australia has shown that there might be a link between your job and waistline.

Mammography examination

Breast Cancer Rates for Black Women Increases

Statistics show that more black women are dying from breast cancer than white women. Experts fear that this is happening since in the previous years the breast cancer incidence rate is greater in white women.


Weight Loss through Living for the Moment

Less body fat is found to share a link with the attention an individual gives to the present moment.

Fast Food

Mississippi Is No Longer The Most Obese State In The Nation

Good news for the state of Mississippi, bad news to the state that got their rank.


Sitting For More Than 5 Hours A Day Linked To Liver Disease

Various studies about the dangers of sitting for long hours have been conducted and a new Korean study just added another reason why people need to stand up.

Anheuser-Busch InBev Eyes Potential Purchase Of Rival Miller

This is Wy Alcohol Makes You Fat

Heads up alcohol lovers, recent studies revealed that there are several ways on how alcoholic beverages aid obesity.

Childhood Obesity

Firstborn Women Are More Prone To Obesity, Study Says

A new research shows that firstborn women are more prone to being overweight and to obesity.

Gastric Band Treatment

Fat Burning Cells: The Answer To Obesity, Genetic Study Says

A new genetic study shows that manipulating the fat cells in the human body can be the answer to the worldwide problem of obesity.

Are Government Breakfast Guidelines Wrong About Morning Meals and Weight Gain?

Are Government Breakfast Guidelines Wrong About Morning Meals and Weight Gain?

As outlined in the U.S. Dietary Guidelines, skipping breakfast is bad for the health as it will trigger weight gain. The conventional wisdom about eating breakfast that will help a person lose weight contradicts in a recent study. And as have been said by scientists that skipping breakfast can actually make a person gain weight. However, in a recent study stated that the whole "breakfast is the most important meal of the day."

Government Proposes Improving Nutrition Facts Labeling On Food Products

Yo-Yo Dieting Risks: Cancer Related To Weight Loss Practice Or Just Myth? New Study Reveals Truth

As fad diets become the norm and change every few years with different stands like high-carbs or high-protein, people lose and gain weight all over the world in a very rapid manner, which has prompted concerns over different yo-yo dieting risks, particularly whether or not these are actually related to cancer.

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Food Tech
Up for a Challenge? Why not Participate in NASA’s Deep Space Food Challenge for the Astronauts

NASA Launches Big Prize for Deep Space Food Challenge for Astronauts

Participate in the Deep Space Food Challenge and help the astronauts from NASA to eat better food.

Chipotle Levels up their Drive Through Service' Chipotlane' by investing in online-only services to complement their competitors

Chipotle's Drive Through Service 'Chipotlane' Offers Online-Only Services

Try Chipotle's mobile app and pick up your order in Chipotlanes, for a safer fast food transaction this 2021

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