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Those Trying to Conceive Should Drop Their Caffeine Fix: Tips Even Husbands Should Follow

A recent study concludes that both the couples caffeine drinking habits in the weeks prior to pregnancy could contribute to an increase in the miscarriage risk.

Australia Celebrates Baby Boom

How to Avoid Passing On Allergies to Children

Having allergies can be genetic, so for parents to be-soon and in the future, it is essential to know how not to pass on the allergy-gene trait to your child.

Sydneysiders Flock To Fishmarkets At Christmas Time

Excessive Consumption of Fish during Pregnancy Results in Child Obesity

A recent research review reveals that the consumption fish more than three times a week during pregnancy by women will lead to obesity problems in their kids in the future.

Saffron flowers produce the highly prized saffron herbs. Saffron cures depression, anxiety, excessive bleeding and epilepsy.

6 Incredible Spices That Save Life: Garlic Fights Off Dementia, Saffron Treats Epilepsy, and MORE

Michelin star chef and 'Hell's Kitchen' host Gordon Ramsay says: "Kitchens are hard environments and they form incredibly strong characters." Chefs, however, are not the only stars in the kitchen. Many gems are hidden away often taken for granted. Of these, six have been listed along with their amazing benefits to life and health.


Study: Autism Risk for Antidepressant Users During Pregnancy May Not Be as Serious as Everyone Thinks

Some studies have linked the drugs to a higher risk of certain birth defects, while others found that some of this risk was overblown.

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7 Surprisingly Dangerous Foods For Pregnant Women And Babies

We've already released a guide on how to eat healthier when you're pregnant. Here's another list of food items that pregnant women shouldn't be eating and this might surprise you.


Progesterone Supplements May Not Be Helpful in Avoiding Miscarriages

Progesterone supplements are usually the go-to drug for women who have previously experienced miscarriages to avert the possibility of another unsuccessful pregnancy. However, there is a new research that proves that the supplements may not have the desired effect of preventing a miscarriage.

Healthy babies: Prince George and Princess Charlotte

How Folic Acid Enriched Bread and Flour Can Deflect Birth Defects

Bread and flour with a special infusion of folic acid is the recommended workaround by the Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition (SACN) to encourage folic acid intake among women and prevent neural tube birth defects among newborns.

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It's Not Too Late, Research Shows that Many Women are Having Babies at the age of 35

Most women get married late and therefore they also conceive their first child around their early 30s. A lot may argue and say that when women reach the age of 30 or older, conceiving is not advisable.


Pregnant Mothers Are Smoking Weed To Treat Morning Sickness But Isn't It Bad For The Baby?

Some pregnant mothers smoke cannabis claiming it is safer to treat morning sickness than prescribed drugs. But is it healthy for the baby? We're afraid not.

Pregnancy - Can This Happen to Men?

Male Pregnancy Might be Possible in the Next 5 Years

There is one thing that women can do that men definitely can't, and it is getting pregnant. Being able to carry life for 9 months is definitely a miracle, something only a woman can do. But how true is it that men can actually get pregnant as well?

Obesity and pregnancy

Obese Women Before and During Pregnancy May Conceive Babies Prone to Infant Death

Women who are obese before and during their pregnancy are at twice the risk of their baby dying before it reaches the age of one.

Pregnant Women Practice Yoga

Essential Oils: Nature's Remedies to Alleviate Pregnancy Illness

Though medicines can ease their discomfort, many women are turning to another source of remedy- essential oils. Essential oil is not only good for the skin, which is one of the most common uses of it but is also beneficial for aiding expectant mothers as they experience some of these pregnancy sicknesses.


Depression and Diabetes Associated to Motionless pregnancy

Women who suffer from depression amid their second trimester are more probable to devote longer extent of time sitting down. A current research shows that this lazy behavior enhances the probability of expanded weight gain and gestational diabetes.

Been trying for a baby? Schedule it in December.

Christmas: Best Time to Get Pregnant

Christmas season is not only a season of giving and sharing BUT ALSO the best season to try getting pregnant. Andrew Gregory of Mirror UK advises couples to try to conceive at Christmas since it is when chance for a healthy baby is best.

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