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Food Hacks From The Famous Celebs Revealed

11 Practical Food Hacks From Famous Celebs Revealed

Tips and tricks from your Hollywood Idols.

The 58th GRAMMY Awards - Press Room

Taylor Swift Grammys Snacks With Ed Sheeran Revealed!

Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran might be enjoying a handful of these over-the-top meals right after getting off the stage!

Momma wants some Parisian Cake

Taylor Swift is obsessed with Cookies, While Channing Loves Red Velvet, Know Your Fave Celebs' Fave Desserts!

If you think celebrities always get what they want with a snaAp by their fingers, well, that's not always the case. In fact, some of them are just like us, willing to cross even a thin-rope bridge just to get their hands on their favorite dessert!

T.Swift's Girl Squad

Want to be Fit? Eat Like Taylor Swift's Girl Squad

T Swift may have assembled the coolest girl squad to date-from supermodels to rock stars and celebrated actresse, TayTay has them as friends. We may never be part of their cool group, but thanks to Cosmopolitan, we can at least eat like them!

A Waiter Serves Bread

Weight Counts: Waiter Weight Affects Food Choices in Restaurants - See How

In a study called 'The Waiter's Weight: Does a Server's BMI Relate to How Much Food Diners Order?' by researchers Tim Döring and Brian Wansink, which was published in the Environment and Behavior journal, the diner-waiter relationship is explained in-depth. Besides music affecting dining behaviour - e.g. Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift music in the background make certain food taste great while Justin Bieber music and similar tunes lessen the appeal of food - or lighting and the general ambience affecting the enjoyment of a meal, the people involved in the meal apparently also play significant roles.

Taylor Swift's Need For Spontaneity

Taylor Swift Sued For 'Stealing' "Shake It Off"

Taylor Swift is now facing a $42M lawsuit over allegedly stealing the lyrics of her hit song Shake It Off from R&B singer Mr. Braham also known as Jesse Graham.

Selena Gomez’ Favorite Track on Revival, But Fails to Choose a Taylor Swift Song (Video)

Selena Gomez Amazed by Rachel Mc Adams

Selena Gomez froze when she was with the True Detective star Rachel Mc Adams in their acting class.

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