Here's How To Keep a Bottle of Wine Fresh After Opening

Here's How To Keep a Bottle of Wine Fresh After Opening

Leftover wine? No problem, here are some tips to keep your wine fresh.

Helping Culinary Community: Texas Wine and Food Alliance Debut

Helping Culinary Community: Texas Wine and Food Alliance Debuts

To help the culinary community, Austin Food & Wine Alliance (AFWA) revealed that it would have a statewide expansion to Texas' other major cities.

Mark West Black Launch Event

Chocolate and Wine: A New Weight Loss Approach

While most dieting approaches prohibit wine, chocolate and cheese, a scientist is saying that these food items are actually necessary if one wants a healthier body weight in the long term.

U.S. Surpasses France To Lead The World In Wine Consumption

Warm Weather Means Better Wine But With Reservations

Climate reportedly has a notable effect on wine, shaping the character of the wine through the grapes.

Supreme Court Strikes Down Ban On Interstate Wine Sales

Will A Glass Of Wine At Night Affect Us?

Latest research has proved that drinking six glasses of wine does not affect us and does not increase the risk of heart diseases or stroke.

Oktoberfest 2014 - Day Two

Bottle Battle: 11 Ways to Prevent Hangovers

Thankfully, you can no enjoy alcohol-and all the things that come with it, without regretting it tomorrow. Follow these basic 11 tips-before, during and after the bottle battle, as advised by Dr. Jeremy Fischer of Vitality Integrative Medicine.

Despite The Economic Downturn The Wine Industry Is Booming In Cyprus

Wine Storage Mistakes and Why You Should Avoid Them

Common mistakes in storing wines, how they ruin your drink, and a great way to actually chill the bottles.

Fall Harvest Underway At Napa Wineries

Match Made in Heaven: Great Wine and Girl Scout Cookie Pairings

Now that Girl Scout Cookie season is here once more, learn how to pair these delicious delights with your favorite glass of wine.

Sydney Celebrates New Year's Eve

Wine Guide for Dummies

Here is a guide to wine according to taste.

Wine being poured into the glass

Study Finds That Bigger Wine Glasses Makes People Drink and Spend More

A study suggested that wine drinkers that are served with bigger wine glasses will most likely consume more alcohol and spend more money as well.

Bottles of sparkling wine are seen on display at a Costco store

5 Rules to Choosing the Perfect Wine Present

If you don't mind shelling out extra dollars, here are some tips for the perfect wine present

white wine

Marawi Wine: The Wine Which Used the Same Grapes as Jesus Christ's Wine

Drinking the same wine Jesus did nearly 2,000 years ago is now possible thanks to a small Israeli vineyard.

The Annual Wine Competition Tastings In Tel Aviv

"Wine Bathing" The Reason Why Japanese People Are Suddenly Bathing In Wine

Where are Japanese people incorporate wine with their beauty regimen?

cut squash

Aged Just Like Good Wine: Give it Time, Squash Will Taste Better

Experts believe that like good wine, the quality of most squash enhances with the passing of time.

Organic Wine

Award Winning Organic Wines of The Month Club.

In the slopes around Pescara, the Marramiero family has developed vines since 1900 yet didn't set up a winery until 1990. Dante Marramiero and now his kids, Patrizia and Enrico, develop around 30 hectares of Montepulciano and Trebiano, and the global assortments, particularly Chardonnay, which they use for their surely understood shining wine, Marramiero Brut, one of the Abruzzi district's best and a most loved of numerous wines of the month clubs.

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