Skye McCole Bartusiak Cause Of Death: Hydrocodone And Difluoroethane With Carisoprodol Drug Overdose

Jan 05, 2015 02:37 AM EST | By Arlene Cruz


Skye McCole Bartusiak cause of death has been a shock to everyone. The promising actress and producer passed away on her sleep last July 19, 2014 on what Hollywood Life reported as "accidental mix of pain killers and muscle relaxers." She died at young age of 21.

Skye McCole Bartusiak cause of death has been ruled as accidental overdose. TMZ reported that Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences has found that the cause of her death is due to Hydrocodone and Difluoroethane with Carisoprodol overdose.

Hydrocodone is a pain reliever while Difluoroethane is a colorless spray cleaner that is used to get high. Carisoprodol is a muscle relaxer that functions by blocking the pain sensations. From the reports found by Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences it suggests that the young actress is also "huffing."

Skye McCole Bartusiak cause of death has been defended by her mother who claimed that her daughter did not do drugs. She stated that her daughter had epileptic seizures since her birth and she had attack just before her death.

"[The paramedics] were working on her for 45 minutes and could not get a heartbeat," said Helen, Skye's mother." I've done CPR on that kid more than one time and it just didn't work this time."

Skye McCole Bartusiak cause of death gave speculations that the young actress-producer was also into drugs after Difluoroethane has also been found in her system.

Difluoroethane inhalation is not an isolated case cause of death. 2005 reports revealed that teens inhale Difluoroethane, a common computer cleaning spray to get high, which is labeled as "inhalant abuse" or huffing.

Huffing is associated with Skye McCole Bartusiak cause of death since medical experts have found presence of substance in her system. Huffing is done by mostly teens to get a mental "high" or europhic effect according to

Skye McCole Bartusiak became famous for her role as the daughter of Mel Gibson in "The Patriot" (2000) when she was seven. She is an aspirant director who directed two short films and was doingfirst part of her directorial job at the time of her death.

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