McDonald's Changes Its Name, Is 'Macca's' Preferable to "Mickey D's"?

Jan 09, 2013 02:34 PM EST | By Staff Reporter

Everyone knows what you call a Quarter Pounder in France, but what do you call McDonald's in Australia? Apparently Aussies call it "Macca's" and the fast food chain is temporarily changing its name at select locations Down Under in honor of Australia Day.

No, this is not an edition of The Onion. Apparently about half the people in Australia like to call it "Macca's." This is similar to some people calling it "Mickey D's" in America, although some would question whether people actually call it that.

This move is obviously a marketing gimmick, but it also shows the giant chain's willingness to do what it takes to connect with real people. It recognizes that people don't always call the restaurant by its name, and also gives them credit for the unique nickname that is used instead.

Signboards will be changed to "Macca's" at select locations in Australia. Those who are keen to catch a glimpse up close, along with some kangaroos and koalas, should book a ticket to the Land Down Under fairly soon, as this is for a limited time only.

The name change is quite shocking because it is the first for the purveyor of the Quarter Pounder (or Royale with cheese, if you're French). Even in America, signboards have never been changed to "Mickey D's" even when billions and billions were served. Nor has "Golden Arches" ever been flashed across a McDonald's billboard.

Is the name "Macca's" is better than "Mickey D's", or better than McDonald's for that matter? Sound off below!

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