Woman Creates Impeccable KFC Inspired Cake

Sep 15, 2015 09:00 PM EDT | By Faye Marcos Jimenea

An Australian woman recreated a Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) bucket meal, which includes the delicious mashed potatoes, corn, popcorn chicken, and fries with cake. Yes, Cake! Branka Njegich, the baker and creator of the cake is not a professional pastry chef; she is instead a full time computer programmer, who just loves to bake. She said that she has been baking since she was four years old.

The cake has been storming social networks for its uncanny resemblance to the KFC meal. It's so close to the real thing that netizens cannot stop talking about it, and even made it into a meme. According to Njegich, 90 percent of the ingredients are edible, except for the can of soda and the box she used to put in the popcorn chicken.

Njegich told the Daily Mail, that what she used to create the chicken-like skin texture are crushed biscuit and the corn is jelly beans and melted starbursts. "The popcorn chicken is not chicken, the chips are fondant, the gravy is creamy caramel and the mashed potato a vanilla buttercream," she added. Njegich's ability to use such ingredients and make it look as if it is the real thing is amazing to everyone and anyone who stumbled on the cake.

Although this isn't the first time that she has made such amazing baked goods. In Njegich's Instagram, she posts numerous goodies that she has made, and they all look as amazing as her KFC meal cake. She actually uses different techniques to get the realistic feel for some of her cakes; in this case, she used an airbrush machine. She sprayed caramel-like color on the chicken and the chicken popcorns to create a more depth undertone to it. The process of creating a cake such as this usually takes her four days, but she says she loves what she does.  

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