Bacon Restaurant Closes: Neighbors Complain of Strong Aroma, Grease [VIDEO]

May 18, 2013 02:11 PM EDT | By Staff Reporter


"Bacon Bacon" restaurant in a popular San Francisco neighborhood is being forced to close after complaints of a strong bacon aroma from neighbors causing the Health Department to shut the store down.

Neighbors complained about the smell, lack of proper grease disposal, and since the "Bacon Bacon" restaurant failed to address them on time, it was shut down, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

"We allow businesses to operate for awhile under change of ownership," said Richard Lee, director of environmental health regulatory programs, Department of Public Health. "But they didn't meet the deadline."

Richard Lee, director of environmental health regulatory programs for the San Francisco Department of Public Health, said that Bacon Bacon had applied for a health permit back in December 2011, but has yet to get approval from the planning department, according to the report.

Bacon Bacon owner Jim Angelus told the San Francisco Examiner that although he met with neighbors last year to discuss their concerns, the parties were unable to negotiate.

Neighbors say that they even offered to buy Angelus a new air filter to alleviate the smell, but he declined, the Examiner reported.

The cafe was featured on the Discovery series, "United States of Bacon," which classified the establishment as a "portable pork paradise" and "a four wheel shrine to swine."

Below is the video:

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