How Much Exercise Does It Take To Burn Off Your Favorite Junk Food?

Dec 17, 2015 11:30 AM EST | By Maria Leonila Masculino


Burgers, fries and pizza might satisfy your food-cravings but there's a huge amount of calories and fats that go with them, too.

The Huffington Post reports an infographic created by Buddy Loans - with the help of personal trainers from Mills Fitness and the NHS Calorie Checker - shows how much workout you need to do to burn off those calories.

A McDonald's Big Mac is worth 490 calories and 24g of fat. To burn these off, the infographic suggests men should do 42 minutes of cardio while women need 51 minutes. This is also equal to 57 minutes of weightlifting for men and 68 minutes for women.

KFC's 3-piece fried chicken is loaded with 726 calories and 42g of fat. For a guilt-free consumption, men could do 63 minutes of cardio while women could run for 75 minutes. Alternatively, 84 minutes of weight-lifting will do well for men and 101 minutes for women.

Pizza Express' Margherita contains 682 calories and 22g of fat. Men could burn these with a 59-minute cardio or a 79-minute weight-lifting. For women, a 71-minute cardio or 94-minute weight-lifting will do.

McDonald's French fries is worth 460 calories and 22g of fat. Men could get rid of these by doing a 40-minute cardio or a 53-minute weight-lifting, while women could opt for either a 48-minute cardio or 64-minute weight-lifting.

A 330ml can of Coca-cola contains 139 calories - which is worth 12 minutes of cardio or 28 minutes of weight lifting for men and 14 minutes of cardio or 19 minutes of weight-lifting for women. A pint of beer is loaded with 245 calories which means 21 minutes of cardio or 28 minutes of weight-lifting for men and 25 minutes of cardio or 34 minutes of weight-lifting for women.

A 45-gram Cadbury's Dairy Milk chocolate bar is worth 237 calories and 14g of fat. Burn them all with a 21-minute cardio or 28-minute weight-lifting for men and a 25-minute cardio or 33-minute weight-lifting for women.

Bon apetit!

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