Maria Leonila Masculino

Ear Buds Vs. Headphones: Which Will More Likely Make You Deaf?

As reported by the Centers for Disease and Control Prevention, 16% of American teens have reported suffering from hearing loss due to loud noises. Some of these noises come from our personal devices - loud music coming from our ear buds or head phones.


Stoner Sloth: This Anti-Marijuana Ad Campaign Has Gone Viral [WATCH]

The anti-marijuana ad campaign stoner sloth has gone viral and is getting loads of mockery online.

Miss Universe 2015

Get To Know Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach From The Philippines

Ms. Wurtzbach's controversial win on Sunday placed her in the limelight after pageant host Steve Harvey mistakenly announced the title to Ms. Colombia, Ariadna Gutierrez. Amid controversies, people all over the world are wondering who Ms. Wurtzbach really is and what made her so deserving to wear the most-coveted crown.


This Liqueur Will Make Your Alcoholic Nutella Dreams Come True

Nutella and alcohol combined brings you to chocolatey tipsy heaven.

Sarah Silverman

Sarah Silverman Shares Her Life Lessons For You To Start 2016 Right

Actress and comedian Sarah Silverman has struggled with depression since she was a teenager.


Why Do We Feel Guilty After Eating At Cheap Pizza Buffets?

Discounted pizza might be an awesome meal deal but a new study suggests it's topped with guilt cheese, too.


Mindfulness Meditation: School-Based Mindfulness Training Could Reduce Trauma And Stress

Midnfulness meditation has been proven beneficial to adults who are stressed and depressed. As more people exercise mindfulness to relax, a new study reveals its health effects among middle-schoolers, too.


Brain Scans Reveal Why Eye Contact Is Important In Social Interactions

People gaze into each other's eyes when they are in-love, share the same understanding or to build trust.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio Calls 'The Revenant' Bear Rape Rumors 'Absurd'

Leonardo DiCaprio sets the record straight on the "ridiculous" rumor about him getting raped by a bear in his new film.


Gochujang: This Korean Condiment Could Be The 'Hottest' Sauce Right Now

If you like mixing siracha with ketchup, then this condiment is perfect for you.


Study Says People Who Live Alone Are Thinner

Being single might be linked to loneliness, depression and binge-eating, but a new study suggests otherwise.


Digital Detox: Why You Need It To De-Stress

According to a Nielsen survey, an average American spends 60 hours online each week using four different digital devices.


Facebook Triggers Envy, According To New Study

Too much time spent on Facebook triggers anxiety, feeling of inadequacy and depression. As studies on the dark side of social media continue to arise, a new study reveals how looking at our friends' travel photos and other flattering posts could make us feel less about ourselves.


How Can You Tell If Somebody's Lying?

Don't you wish you have the power to tell who's lying?


How Much Exercise Does It Take To Burn Off Your Favorite Junk Food?

Burgers, fries and pizza might satisfy your food-cravings but there's a huge amount of calories and fats that go with them, too.

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