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Mickey & Minnie

Disney Fans May Find True Love In This New Dating Site

Disney fans may now find their true love's kiss in this new dating site.


Anxiety May Be Killing Your Social Life

A new study conducted by Swiss neuroscientists at Ecole Polytechnique Federale De Lusanne (EPFL) has discovered a brain region connecting anxiety to low social status.

Anna Faris

Anna Faris Dances In Her Undies After Losing Her Skirt On Ellen [WATCH]

Anna Faris left Ellen Degeneres totally speechless for coming out on stage dancing in her undies.


Your Taste In Music Could Actually Reveal How You Think

While some people are stereotyped with their choices of music, a recent study just discovered the positive correlation between the levels of empathy and preferred music genres.


Cannabis Use Linked To Improved Treatment For Heroin Addicts

Smoking cannabis doesn't only relieve stress, ease pain and cure cancer. Interestingly, a new study suggests marijuana can also improve treatment for heroin addicts.

Cancer patients

Music Therapy Is More Effective Than Other Relaxation Exercises Among Palliative Care Patients

Music can be a form of therapy for people who are stressed and depressed. While it has already been proven that music can soothe the mind, a new study found out that music can improve the heart, too.

Dead whale

More Than 300 Whales Washed Out Dead In Chile

On the shores of a remote inlet in Patagonia, Chile, 337 whales were found dead due to reasons yet to be found out.

Woman with her pet

Your Pet Could Help You Find True Love

There really is a reason behind why men pick up women in dog parks.

Meg Ryan

Meg Ryan Net Worth: 'When Harry Met Sally' Actress Says She's 'On A Little Break' From Love Right Now

The former queen of romantic comedies Meg Ryan says she's taking a "little break" from love right now.

Depressed Man

Why Do Men Suffer From Depression Differently Than Women?

Feelings of despair, drained energy, anxiety and self-loathing are among the common symptoms of depression. While people believe this mental health problem is mostly suffered by women, a new survey revealed that men, too, are equally prone to depression.

Greenhouse Gas Emission

Paris Climate Talks: World Leaders Plan For Urgent Action

World leaders gathered in Paris on Monday to participate in one of the biggest meetings in history.

Terminally-ill patient with his dog

World AIDS Day: Photographer Captures How Dogs Transform The Lives Of HIV Patients

In celebration of the World AIDS Day, a photo exhibit depicting the healing power of dogs among HIV patients is sending out messages of "joy, love and survival."


Scientists Explain How We Get These Dreams At Night

Everybody dreams when they fall asleep even if others believe that they don't. But is there any way that we could control our dreams and finally get rid of nightmares? Science says yes.

Kaley Cuoco

Kaley Cuoco On Her 30th Birthday: 'Best Brthday I Have Ever Had'

Kaley Cuoco is nothing but thankful on her 30th birthday which she said was her best one yet.


Facebook Friends Count Linked To Higher Levels Of Stress Among Teens

Too much time spent on Facebook has been associated with various mental health problems such as depression and low self-esteem. In addition to the dangers of excessive social media use, a new study found out that having too many Facebook friends could also link to higher levels of stress.

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Food Biz
How Can You Reduce Your Exposure to Toxins?

How Can You Reduce Your Exposure to Toxins?

There are so many ways we can experience exposure to harmful poisons, and in many cases, we may not realize it's happening. From household cleaners and similar products to children's toys, there are often toxins and poisonous products and ingredients lurking in even the most unsuspecting of places.

Top 4 reasons why more and more athletes are turning vegan

Top 4 Reasons Why More and More Athletes are Turning Vegan

All pro level athletes know about the dedication needed to not just accomplish their goals, but to achieve even bigger targets in their lives. It's also a commonly known fact that fitness and exercise alone cannot get them there. Putting the right food into their bodies is equally important.

Five Vital Asian-Foods that you should must try

Five Vital Asian-Foods that you should must try

Asian nourishment all in all is substantially more sound than Western cooking. With the absence of dairy fat and added substances, alongside an emphasis on zingy season and crisp fixings, it's anything but difficult to discover solid alternatives on any Asian-propelled menu.

Food Tech

Top Wedding Food Trends For 2020

Tired of the conventional three-course meals at wedding receptions? Want something different? Give the menu a twist with our trendy wedding food ideas.

Famous Ports in Scotland

Famous Ports in Scotland

The United Kingdom, which is considered one of the most interesting places in the world. Mainly due to the versatility of its existence and the Union of the countries involved in the empire.

Night Markets in Asia

Night Markets in Asia

Traveling to new cities is always an exciting adventure. One of the best ways to see a city and try local food is by visiting famous night markets. Night markets are always bustling and full of locals and foreigners trying the delights.

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