Maria Leonila Masculino

Music & Health: Singing Improves Memory For Dementia Patients

Music has been proven to soothe our mind, body and soul. While a recent study discovered the benefits of music among palliative care patients, a new research has found that singing can also improve memory work among dementia patients.

McDonalds Drive-thru

250 Drive-Thru Customers Pay It Forward At McDonald's

In Florida, one McDonald's customer started a pay-it-forward chain after inspiring other 249 customers to be generous and do the same.

Full Moon

A Full Moon Will Light Up The Sky On Christmas For The First Time In 38 Years

This Christmas, a full moon will light up the dark skies for the first time on December 25th since 1977.

Amy Poehler & Jimmy Fallon

Amy Poehler And Jimmy Fallon Play Truth Or Truth On 'The Tonight Show' [WATCH]

Amy Poehler and Jimmy Fallon dared to play the anxious game Truth or Truth at 'The Tonight Show' on Wednesday.

Khloe Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian Posts Bible Verse As Response To Her Haters

Khloe Kardashian is turning to the Holy Bible to teach her haters a lesson.


Drinking A Glass Of Wine Daily Reduces Chances Of Dying From Dementia

Previous studies have proven that drinking a glass of wine daily could reduce risks for cardiovascular diseases. As studies on the health benefits of wine continue to arise, a new research has discovered that a glass of red wine a day could keep dementia away.


BBC's 'Big Cat Diary': Lions Poisoned In Kenya

Eight lions from a famous pride in Maasai Mara, Kenya were poisoned by a cow carcass.


Kanye West On Son Saint West's Name: 'That's Just Who He Is'

While Kim Kardashian did all the pregnancy and pushing, Kanye West was left with the full responsibility of finding an appropriate name for their first born son.

Office lunch

Study Says Employees Who Eat Together Work Better

A new study has found the importance of sharing a meal with your co-workers. Aside from developing better relationships, eating together also helps improve work performance among individuals.

Mindful Breathing

Mindful Breathing: Here Are Three Of The Fastest And Easiest Ways To Relieve Stress

As people deal with stress on a regular basis, there isn't any other easier way to relax than to "just breathe."


ISIS Is Losing Its Money?

ISIS is currently the world's most powerful terrorist group. Following the recent Paris attacks, the notorious militant group, which is trying to establish full control over Iraq and Syria, has been a strong threat to the West.

Angela Merkel

German Chancellor Angela Merkel Is Time Magazine's 'Person Of The Year'

The German leader has won the title for her "steadfast moral leadership in a world where it is in short supply."

Leonardo DiCaprio

Paris Climate Talks: Leonardo DiCaprio And John Kerry Team Up Against Climate Change

Actor and Philanthropist Leonardo DiCaprio was spotted in a meeting with Secretary of State John Kerry on Monday, where they discussed solutions on how to curb the effects of global warming at the Climate Change Summit in Paris.


Legalizing Cannabis Could Drop Obesity Rates Due To Reduced Alcohol Consumption

Smoking Cannabis has always been linked to getting the "munchies" a.k.a. binge-eating. While some people believe that smoking pot makes you fat, a new study has found that legalizing marijuana could drop obesity rates.

Light Therapy

Study Says Light Therapy Could Treat Depression

According to a survey, 5% of people in the United States suffer a type of depression called seasonal affective disorder (SAD) during the gloomy days of fall and winter.

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