Comfort Foods Top Instantly Most Bought Item Survey

Jan 06, 2016 09:46 AM EST | By Staff Reporter


Comfort food, Pop chips cheddar and sour cream potato snacks and Chobani's Peppermint Perfection Flip, topped the best selling foods off the shelves. According to Food Navigator USA, Instantly shelf score has released such scores. Instantly covers 350,000 shoppers in the United States and 55,000 plus in the United Kingdom.

Instantly is an app consumers can download. On their mobile phones, consumers can answer questions about the grocery item in question. That is how scores are gathered from the said app.

Instantly is a rival app of the daily news. According to the Pew Research Center, "Some 46% of Americans say they get news from four to six media platforms on a typical day. Just 7% get their news from a single media platform on a typical day. "

The Americans get their news through foraging and opportunism, usually. As Pew Rearch Center wrote: They [Americans] seem to access news when the spirit moves them or they have a chance to check up on headlines. At the same time, gathering the news is not entirely an open-ended exploration for consumers, even online where there are limitless possibilities for exploring news. "

If apps like Instantly will not be around, the media outlets will be so monotonous. The Pew Research Center further reported:

"The internet is at the center of the story of how people's relationship to news is changing. Six in ten Americans (59%) get news from a combination of online and offline sources on a typical day, and the internet is now the third most popular news platform, behind local television news and national television news."

Instantly automated sample helps build audiences quicker, according to Instantly's web site. This means consumers who want to make their surveys known are the best companions of this app.  Instant profiling is also available in this app.

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