Amazing Differences Between Probiotics and Prebiotics

Feb 16, 2016 09:12 PM EST | By Swarnam John


It is essential that we have good gut microbes to be at optimal health. The ideal balance between the beneficial and harmful bacteria is 85 percent and 15 percent, respectively. If this delicate balance is maintained. We can optimize our gut health.

Here is where the probiotics and prebiotics come into play.


According to WebMD, probiotics are bacteria and yeasts that are good for your health. They are especially beneficial for your digestive system. These helpful bacteria keep your gut healthy.


They are substances that induce the growth of microorganisms. They are non-digestible carbohydrates and act as food for the probiotics. They act as fertilizer for good bacteria to thrive.

Prebiotics increase the bulk of feces and reduce the time taken for feces to exit the body. This prevents constipation and results in better health and wellbeing.

Hope you are clear with the differences.


When probiotics and prebiotics are combined the result is symbiotic. Some good examples for symbiotic are kefir and yogurt.

Benefits of good bacteria

The good bacteria boost the immune system. It protects against the overgrowth of harmful microbes. It enhances the digestion and absorption of food.

Examples of prebiotic foods

It includes Jerusalem artichoke, dandelion greens, garlic, leeks, onion, asparagus, wheat bran and banana. It would be wise if you include these in your diet.

Examples of probiotic foods

Some great examples of probiotic foods include yogurt, kefir, cheese, kombucha tea and sour curds.

Ways to enhance gut health

Dr. Mercola writes microorganisms in the human digestive tract form an intricate living fabric which affects body weight, energy, and nutrition.

It seems that there are 100 trillion microbial cells in our body. So it becomes a necessity that we give importance to our gut health.

If done in a correct way, you can lead a healthy life and enjoy all the health benefits these benevolent good bacteria blesses you with.

Health experts say that fermenting is a simple and cost effective way to promote variety in your gut microbiome.

Gail Cresci a leading dietician and researcher says that healthy eating is the best way to promote good bacteria. Not the use of supplements.

According to the experts, a good diet has enough high-quality proteins, fiber, and healthy fats. Fresh fruits and vegetables are an integral part of healthy diet.

Dr. Karen Scot of the University of Aberdeen says that we must move from a diet of high intake of processed foods and sugars to one with more raw foods.

If we include lots of fruits, vegetables, and wholegrain cereal products. We help our gut bacteria to survive and produce substances that keep us healthy.

Take away

A healthy immune system is essential to lead a disease free life. So in order to shine in your sphere of life take good care of your gut health.

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