Top 5 Secrets Food Manufacturers Don't Want You To Know

Mar 01, 2016 06:17 AM EST | By Anita Valensia


Fat free does not equal to healthy. You can have an insight to the food manufacturing industries just by walking down the supermarket aisles and take a look on the labels. What are the deep pocketed secrets that the insiders don't want consumers to know?

The vanilla flavors could be from algae

The natural source of vanilla supply may not be able to compete with the high demands on Western foods. The orchid seed is then replaced by algae. Food scientists create vanillin from algae that tastes and smells almost the same with your regular vanilla. And you can't really tell a difference.

Crackers are just as bad as chips

Wholegrain crackers are quite rare these days. According to Fat Profits author, Bruce Bradley, 90% of crackers sold in the supermarket are typically made using flavorings and most of them use refined grains. Not to mention, it's hooked with sugar, fat and salt. The added preservatives can make them sit for years in shelves. The science combined with powerful marketing plan somehow makes no one questioning about its health benefits.

High-fructose is still called sugar

There are food manufacturers who intentionally change the ingredient names because they want to hide the real thing. For instance, sugar may be named cane crystals, corn syrup, or juice concentrate - which could be different in forms, but similar in type.

The extra virgin olive oil may not be that 'extra' in quality

According to olive oil expert, Dan Flynn, the extra virgin olive oil in stores may not meet the extra virgin grade. Rather, a lower one. He did a research and found that more than 70% of these oils have a reduced grade due to exposure from light and harvesting date. For good quality extra virgin olive oil, look for tin container or dark glass bottle.

Bottled green tea are not in the game

There are some products found in supermarket, proven to have a very least amount of antioxidant but implying it as if it's packed with rich antioxidants. Katherine Tallmadge, nutrition specialist, advised us to drink freshly brewed green tea to get the most benefits of its antioxidant.

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