Top 8 Feel-Good Fastfood Chains

Mar 02, 2016 05:40 AM EST | By Rhea Penaflor (

Eating at a fast food chain is the easiest way if not the cheapest. We often feel guilty as we enter a fast food chain because we know that fast food will always be reminded that it's synonymous to "unhealthy."

Well, the truth remains that there are times when we want to satisfy our cravings, right?  McDonald's French fries certainly look inviting.  Even the thought of it makes you salivate already.  The primary ingredient for McDonald's World Famous Fries is a great tasting potato, including a variety of Shepody, Ranger Russet, Umatilla Russet and Russet Burbank. 

So, do not stop yourself from indulging in fastfood temptations.  Maybe some of the good things that these fast food chains do will lessen your guilt.  Let's start with McDonald's.

While McDonald's is known for not paying its employees a living wage, the occasional Extra Value Meal: Ronald McDonald House Charities allows families to live together while a child is hospitalized far from home.

This California-based burger chain is beloved for fresh-made burgers with no additives, fillers, or preservatives. Full-time employees are protected by labor laws by enrolling in a variety of medical, dental, and vision insurance plans. They also receive paid holidays and sick leave. Full- and part-time employees who have been with the company one to five years are also eligible for two weeks of paid vacation.

After Chipotle outbreak controversy, burrito lovers can now have peace of mind of the  chain's sustainability efforts, which include sourcing antibiotic- and hormone-free meat and partnering with farmers who rotate crops to reduce reliance on chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

One of President Obama's favorite for its food quality, burgers are cooked fresh, not frozen, and the fries are hand-cut. Paid sick leave are offered to employees.

It has a $1 million scholarship program for high school students who want to pursue a passion outside academics or athletics pursuits, such as trade school or a creative career.

Loaded with calories, Dairy Queen has this Miracle Treat Day (usually at the end of July), when it donates $1 or more from every Blizzard sold to Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. The organization raises funds for 170 children's hospitals across the U.S. and Canada.

A slice of pizza contains around 450 calories, but it's okay because, for each slice you eat, you help the World Hunger Relief since the chain is a partner in providing funds to bring food to impoverished communities in places such as Bangladesh, the Philippines, and Cambodia. Pizza Hut customers have also the option to add donations to their orders.

8.  Wendy's
Famous for its square hamburgers, Wendy's is a fast-food favorite with more than 6,500 locations worldwide. The chain's founder started a charitable organization that helps children in foster homes find permanent adoptive parents. The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption has helped more than 4,000 children across the country find permanent homes.

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