Japanese Man Builds a Miniature Lego Sushi Conveyor Belt

Mar 07, 2016 12:19 PM EST | By Mikhail Blacer (media@latinospost.com)


We've seen Lego enthusiasts around the world create miniature houses, ships, and even dinosaurs. What we haven't seen is a fully-functioning sushi restaurant made from Lego. However, it's now a reality and something you will see in the video below. 

Doctor Pei, a Japanese YouTuber and Lego fan, recently uploaded a video in his channel showing one of his most recent creations. The video shows a small 32x32 miniature kaitzenzushi restaurant (sushi joints with conveyor belts are called as such in the country) made from Lego. It is a colorful display filled with appetizing raw seafood selections most sushi fans can only dream of. 

The miniature Lego restaurant is full of diners, ranging from people dressed like businessmen, to astronauts chowing down with an alien. There is even a reporter and his news crew, probably talking about how queer the restaurant's customer base is. Among the sushi being served include raw maguro or tuna sushi, along with draft beers.

Doctor Pei's eye for detail can hardly be matched, considering that there are even depictions of salmon-made tuna, along with those made with eggs. Chefs are also seen taking orders from a well-made counter and are working on new servings. 

However, the scenes you see in the video is just the appetizer, as he bared more minute but interesting details on his blog. Outside the restaurant showed a casually-strolling sumo wrestler, an injured person, and a biker. Inside it, there are women dressed in traditional Japanese garb, a water tank where the still-alive fish are kept, and a chef using the traditional Japanese sword, the katana, to cut down a fish. There is even one using a blowtorch to sear the surface of a sushi, something that happens in real life. 

Apart from the beautiful and realistic features of the restaurant, the most telling one is arguably the revolving conveyor belt, also made from authentic Lego blocks. 

Aspiring restauranteurs would want to take a leaf out of Doctor Pei's book in this one. With that said, this is just a part of his creations. Visit his blog or YouTube channel to learn more. 

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