Joule Bracelet Encourages Coffee Drinkers To Wear Caffeine

Mar 07, 2016 12:22 PM EST | By Anita Valensia

How many times you spend money on caffeine fix? Now that the magical bracelet is here, you can give up that brew and avoid coffee-crash mornings.

As much as we'd love to think of it as weird, but the Joule bracelet is your daily swap to caffeine cravings. It's a revolutionary design of a handy accessory that Indiegogo readers have been talking about lately. The campaign claims Joule as "Better Than Coffee" and encourages coffee addicts to wear this instead of consuming caffeinated drinks that could bring negative impacts on our body.

The Joule works to supply energy, gradually and steadily, without any typical jitters. Made from durable silicon, the bracelet comes in various stylish colors from pink, blue and black. With $29, you will get a bracelet and 30 caffeine patches. The watch version of Joule comes with a lavish design that costs $99. Now you can save your time and money as you're no longer waiting in long queues. This also means you're on the healthier side since you cut the amount of stains and sugar intake.

The magic behind each patch:

Each patch contains amino acids, flaxseed oil, and guarana - an extract responsible for stimulating nervous system. The extract is known to contain chemicals similar to caffeine. It's a good way to avoid caffeine withdrawal for those planning to cut back coffee drinks. It works as a complement or a substitute.

As soon as you wear Joule bracelet, the patch comes in contact with the skin and immediately absorbs caffeine. Unlike drinking your coffee in a cup, Joule hits right to blood stream without the need to be digested.  The bottom wrist is the perfect place since it does not have much fat to block it from seeping in. The process is called transdermal administration - which allows chemicals to get through the skin with the help of body heat.

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