Salmonella Outbreak Led to Eagles Roost Sports Bar Close Down

Mar 09, 2016 07:28 PM EST | By Rhea Penaflor (


Eagles Roost, a sports bar in Irvine, Kentucky recently closed down because of salmonella outbreak. Initially, it has been reported that at least 60 people suffered from the salmonella outbreak. The number has gone up to 100 as of this writing.

Before the outbreak, a diner of the sports bar wrote on Eagles Roost Sports Bar official Facebook account, quote "Need to work on atmosphere and quality of food preparation...hopefully they will be able to tweak a lot of issues."

Eagles Roost should have considered this premonition before the incident. Instead, the sports bar did not see it coming and Bang!-the salmonella outbreak.Those who ate at the sports bar required hospitalization. The victims were from Madison and Estill counties.  Estill County health officials investigated and found out that before developing the symptoms, the common thing among the victims is that they ate at Eagles Roost.

Estill County Health Department was the lead agency for the investigation.  The state officials determined that the Eagles Roost was the source of the outbreak after gathering thorough evidence and testimonies from the victims. At first, the newspapers that covered the outbreak did not report as to what restaurant caused the outbreak but later it identified Eagles Roost as the culprit.

Judge Executive Wallace Taylor says the state's investigation found that an employee at Eagle's Roost had contracted the foodborne illness, most likely without knowing they had it. At last check health officials say over 70 Estill County residents reported gastrointestinal illness and 51 of them tested positive for Salmonella.

The restaurant owner voluntarily closed the Eagles Roost for cleaning and testing by state health officials. While the sports bar passed the inspection with a rate of 98 out of 100, it had six violations that included failure to maintain an adequate temperature for the dish washing machine and allowing frozen poultry items to thaw at room temperature.

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