America's Plant Protein Market Growth To Potentially Replace Animal-Based Protein

Mar 11, 2016 04:20 AM EST | By Anita Valensia


Americans become more aware of what they're consuming. Concerning the effects of saturated fat and cholesterol on health, people are turning away from animal-based protein. Packaged Facts did a survey found that 28 percent of consumers seek plant-source proteins in the market. The research reported more than half the respondents concern about the environmental effect of the foods they consume. They prefer a sustainable option that could likely be much healthier and safer to eat.  

Today's consumers prefer plant proteins in attempt to reduce allergic reaction and avoid health risks. The report also showed nuts and seeds were the highest purchase. The percentage exceeded the demand on soy protein and whey. The Millennial consumers are said to seek plant proteins the most. More consumers discover that plant protein can substitute animal-based protein and they become less reliant to beef, seafood and poultry. Adults with advanced college degrees are more likely to purchase plant protein sources.

Plant protein market gets more attention in 2016 as the rising of the vegan lifestyle. Plant protein is put in the spotlight due to its compatibility, clean labels and non-allergen ingredients. Another reason of consumers turning to plant-based foods is the animal welfare. Companies begin to sell meat analogues that question their need for beef. Eateries have also found their way to explore new concepts to elaborate plant proteins on the menus. It contributes to the change of consumer behaviors when they are dining due to the ingredient-insights provided.

The factors suggest that plant protein can be an alternative source to replace animal-based protein. Faster growth on plant protein demand shows that the current domination may be in trend for the next decades to come. 

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