General Mills Doubles Up Natural Sources To Meet Growing Demand On Organic Foods

Mar 11, 2016 04:30 AM EST | By Anita Valensia


General Mills's announcement on accelerating the acreage of its organic sources has become a point of interest for consumers. The company behind best-selling Cheerios and Betty Crocker brands promises by 2019, the goal of 250,000 acres expansion is met. Given the fact that organic foods receive a huge consumer support, the double-digit sales target is likely to be fulfilled.

The goal is part of the company's mission to increase the net sales on organic products - expecting $1 billion of net sales by 2019. General Mills is one of the largest companies to purchase organic ingredients in food sector, including fruits and vegetables.

Due to the increasing demand on organic and natural products, General Mills needs to have a robust source of the growers. Executive vice president of General Mills Supply Chain, John Church, explained that the quality of their products have a direct link to the farmers who work to grow the sources. He also mentioned about sustainable agriculture practices that can accelerate the supplies and meet consumer's interest.

The company has been known to rank as the third organic food maker in the United States. Taking further significant steps, General Mills is partnering up with foundations and suppliers to continue offering natural-source foods. Acquiring the title since 2000, General Mills gives a full support to the Organic Farming Research Foundation in the effort to adopt the farming practice on organics. General Mills Canada has even invested $50,000 on Prairie Organic Grain Initiative - focusing the organic crops growth in the country. General Mills has also announced to reduce the gas emissions in all of their factories. The sustainable commitment is to be achieved by 2050.

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