Mystical Surprise Behind The Oreo Cookies Design

Mar 11, 2016 04:20 AM EST | By Anita Valensia


The Nabisco's global brand biscuit, Oreo, is the world's best-selling cookies. Found in more than 100 countries, Oreo has written success stories and become a leading role of many other brands in the business.

In 1912, the National Business Company (Nabisco) produced Oreo Biscuit for the first time in Manhattan. It was said to imitate America's original Hydrox biscuit from Sunshine Company. in 1921, Oreo Biscuit changed its name to Oreo Sandwich with new varieties of filling from vanilla to lemon cream. The modern-day Oreo is now called Oreo Chocolate Sandwich Cookie. It features wreathed edges and the word 'OREO' at the center of the circle-shaped cookie. Beautifully embossed black wafers with cream filling - despite its unusual color, people rarely notice on what they actually lick, dip and dunk.

Oreo cookies geometric pattern shapes four triangles that signify the First Crusade. Cross pattee - the Knight Temple symbol was painted in red on the robes so they could identify their troops from other soldiers. This design is then adopted on the biscuit's emboss.

The two-bar cross you see on the top of the circle is Nabisco logo. It is a European symbol to signify quality. The design resembles the 11th century Cross of Lorraine - the Crusader's two-barred cross that Knights Templar carried in battles. It was a dark history of the Christian pilgrims and the Knights that were slaughtered as they arrived in Jerusalem.

It is uncertain where Oreo got its name. Some say it is derived from French word of dore that means gold - which was the original color of Oreo package but the Greek word of Oreo means hill or mountain. Despite the mystery, let's prepare the warm milk and dip in the Oreos!

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