How to Stock Your Refrigerator Properly

Mar 16, 2016 11:42 PM EDT | By Staff Reporter


Without thinking on how to stock your cooler effectively, you may need to take a trip back to the supermarket before you were wanting to. A refrigerator is particularly intended to keep the freshness of food for whatever length of time, but some individuals really know how to stock it so it can. It's reasonable that you may not know which things should go where to guarantee freshness and you might be wasting your cash on groceries as a result of it. Here's a guide that will help you stock your refrigerator properly.

Meat and Seafood

Meat and fish should be put away at the base of the refrigerator in a drawer. You should dependably refrain from giving both a chance to sit above or in a drawer with different foods to evade cross-contamination.


They can go in the refrigerator door where the temperature always changes since condiments aren't as perishable as most foods in the cooler.


Place them on a rack where you can see them so as to ensure you make the most of your leftovers before they turn sour like the top or center shelf. In the event that it's been four days, and you haven't eaten them, stick them in the freezer to keep their freshness.


Milk and yogurt should be place on the top or center racks of your refrigerator. Keep them far from strong smelling foods that could destroy their flavors and always put eggs on a lower shelf with the goal that they don't lose moisture or absorb undesirable flavors. Cheddar, similar to fruits and vegetables, needs a warm place as well so it should go in a drawer that is set to the proper humidity.


Fruits and vegetables last longer when they're placed in a humid spot. In the fridge, that place is the drawers. It's likewise essential to keep fruits isolated from vegetables.

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