Reddit's Food Pantry is the Best Place on the Internet

Mar 17, 2016 04:20 AM EDT | By Mikhail Blacer


Reddit is known for having vibrant, niche-specific communities which may come off as abrasive at certain times. It has rightfully earned its reputation: many people would downvote whatever you're posting and people are not scared of posting what they want to say. 

However, the online community, dubbed as "the front page of the Internet" is also host to heartwarming subreddits (or sections), and arguably one of the best ones is the Reddit Food Pantry

What is it? 

Basically, this community connects food donors to people who are in need for the short term. Anyone can ask for help - certain people do so may it be because of financial hardships, medical conditions, or when times are tough. However, the subreddit's guidelines clearly state that it's not a long-term solution. 

And yes, it works

There are two types of posts in the subreddit, namely "Offer" and "Request". As their namesakes suggest, offer is posted by donors looking to help out those in need, while request is put online by those who need help. 

Great examples of such posts inlcude: 

Canadian looking for help for wife, 13 month old and myself on moving month. T2B 2K7 

So not really used to reddit at all. Was suggested I come and ask for help here along with a few others places.

Long story short is my wife has been laid off upon returning to work from maternity leave, I am just getting back to work after an injury and its move month. Dropped all the savings I had to make sure we have a stable place to go to for this month which means little to no food for us. Been rationing what we have left with priority going to her and our son.

Any help would be amazing. I can make pretty much any thing spread out for some time so not looking for any junk food or anything thing like that.

[Offer] 93534 Have food I can deliver locally.

Hi so I have a bunch of food in my fridge I will never eat. And instead of throwing it away I figured I can give it to someone who needs it. I live in Lancaster, (Los Angeles County) California. I can drive up to- like an hour and a half if needed. Just google Antelope Valley or Lancaster to see if we are compatible. If you want to meet somewhere public that is like super cool with me and my kid. 

The subreddiit works, considering that there are also "thank you" posts from users whose food needs have been fulfilled. 

In terms of security, the subreddit's rules had it solved. Uses must include their zip or postal code and they need to be active Redditors. Also note that all transactions are direct, meaning, there is no middle party involved. 

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