The Best Rum-Producing Countries Revealed

Mar 18, 2016 07:23 AM EDT | By Staff Reporter


Rum is a spirit refined from sugar similar to all liquors. Like most cutting edge liquors, rum has a bunch of characteristics that make its rum. In any case, inside of those parameters, there are varieties running from light to dim to golden to spice. Almost every developed nation in the world has, at least, one rum label churning out bottles of the not necessarily good stuff. Here are the several rum-producing countries.


Barbados is the actual origin of rum. In spite of the fact that some different areas claim this title, Barbados is the primary spot where the purchase of rum was recorded and it was a key stop on the well-known "Triangle Trade" route so essential to the economic health of the New World. They utilize a mix of pot and column stills and make use of local molasses.

Barbados rums are aged in bourbon and whiskey containers. This isn't ordinary, yet most Barbados rum creators utilize the wood to advantage, delivering rum with woody kinds of coconut and banana. It's great in mixed drinks, gave you work the flavors as opposed to overpowering them.


You don't generally think about the Philippines when you consider rum, yet the island has all the essential sugar crops, molasses generation and less-flavorful components that made the Caribbean what it is. In spite of the fact that it's reasonable some sort of rum existed before, rum production here went enormously when the Spaniards began it up during the nineteenth century.


This is a small seaside country on the north end of the portion of South America. Guyana has the well-known beverage. Guyana's rums are smoky and delightful with notes of vanilla, nectar and baking flavors. They have a tendency to be thicker than different rums, for a viscous mouth and tongue feel.

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