Your Guide To Buying Eggs And Why You Should Care

Mar 21, 2016 06:19 AM EDT | By Anita Valensia


Gone are the days when eggs are just eggs. Now, things are more complicated as there's a trait in buying a carton of eggs. Cage-free, range-free, or pasteurized eggs. Does it matter?  

Salmonella outbreak made millions of eggs recalled after causing serious illness. Due to the threat that risks human's health, now the regulations about eggs are written on paper. FDA mandates big-scale egg producers to inspect their cages, conduct salmonella test and publish the result.

As for egg lovers, it's important to learn the new terms on labels before incorporating eggs into your breakfast meals.

Cage-free eggs

Hens were used to be put in a battery cage, cramped with more than 12 other birds - which mean they didn't have much space to move around. Cage-free eggs mean that these birds are raised in a building - usually an open barn with bedding materials on the floor. There are also nests where they can lay their eggs on.

Organic eggs

When egg carton is labeled as 'organic', it means it has obtained a certification that proves the hens are raised in a cage-free method. According to ABC News, organic eggs come from organic-fed hens - which means, they're free from antibiotics. The egg itself is not genetically modified or containing pesticides or other animal byproducts. The further report claims that organic egg producers are trustworthy since they are subject to annual audits.

Free-range eggs

Free-range hens are raised in barns where they have access to the outdoors. However, there are no specific requirements on how long the chickens stay outside. Many reports found that hens are forced to lay eggs by making them starved for a long period of time.

Pasteurized eggs

Pasteurized eggs are the safest choice when consumed raw. The eggs are heated to high temperature that destroys virus and bacteria like Salmonella. Pasteurized eggs have more vitamin E and are high in omega-3 fatty acid levels.

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