Why Eating Slowly Is The Key To Good Health & Slim Figure

Mar 24, 2016 06:55 AM EDT | By Mikhail Blacer


Sometimes, your width and weight gain problems are not caused by what you eat but by HOW you eat. 

Nowadays, everybody likes to rush - a survey revealed that 48 percent of typical American workers spend less than 30 minutes eating during their lunch breaks. This means that the culture of fast food and rush eating is pervasive today and it may very well be the cause of widespread obesity in the United States

Unknown to many, eating less could lead to a number of problems. These are the reasons why you would want to kill time sitting on the dinner table. Why? Well, there are several benefits spending more time than usual in the cafeteria or on your dinner table. 

Food and brain signals

Most Americans eat at a scintillating pace, and this in turn results in them eating too much calories before their brains realize that they have eaten enough. According to WebMD, it takes about 20 minutes from the time you start eating to send out signals that you're full. With that said, those who eat too much would have filled their bellies before the brain successfully sends the fullness signal. This means eating fast will mean you've taken in too much food - over your belly's capacity - than usual. 

Eating slowly means eating less, given that it gives the brain ample time to process and send the fullness signal. You will then take in fewer calories and will be in no danger from overeating. 

Thing is, how do you eat slowly?

Given that most people have adapted to the lifestyle of eating quickly, most may be unaware of how to eat slowly. In order to do so, it's a definite must to remember the following tips: 

  • Remove all distractions, like smartphones, TVs, and computers while eating. This will enable you to concentrate on eating, and you will be able to count how much you're putting in your mouth. 
  • Try to limit your eating by drinking a large glass of water to help your brain recognize that your belly is filled and fueled up. 
  • Make it a habit to stop eating when you're no longer hungry, not when you're full.

As an additional benefit, remember that eating slowly means enjoying your meals more!

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