Combining food with Adderall and what to eat before or after your dose

Sep 25, 2017 05:41 PM EDT | By Staff Reporter


Combining food with Adderall and what to eat before or after your dose

If you're coming from Pharmacy Online and you're ready to pop an Aderall, you know it's important to have a proper diet built around taking the medication. If you haven't taken your first pill yet, then you might to skip the experience of lacking a proper diet, altogether. It's very important to take your diet seriously because your body will otherwise react less than favorably after the consumption of the medication. It all sounds pretty simple but, what do you eat when you've taken Adderall? We're going to take a closer look at the foods you should focus on so that you maximize the effects of the pill but also protect your body.

What foods to focus on?

When under the effects of Adderall, it is generally good to consume foods that are rich in fat. Fatty meat should be on your menu often, as well as high protein meals in general. There is a wide variety of foods, that pertain to this category, so it should be fairly easy for your to get them all grouped up in your diet or cook something up containing all the ingredients that are beneficial for your current situation. Other examples of foods you should concentrate are eggs and also oily fish like mackerel, tuna or salmon.

By now you should have a sense of what foods to look out for. Other examples of great oily foods for you to incorporate into your menu are avocados, butter and of course, what's oilier than olive oil? All these foods help with optimizing your body for the effects of Adderall and provide a more stable environment for your digestive system to work with.

Eating carbs

Some say that it's not a good way to bomb your meals with a lot of carbs, but there are also those that claim carbs are alright as long as you are an active person and exercise a lot and regularly. If you don't really partake that much in gym habits and physical training, you might want to be careful with the consumption of foods that are very rich in carbs.

Lack of appetite

One side effect of Adderall that has been proven over the years is the fact that there is a very big chance for you to actually lose your appetite during the period in which the drug is taking effect. It might seem rather impossible to follow a healthy diet in these circumstances but there is a solution. If you find yourself lacking the proper appetite for all the foods you should eat to complement your Adderall intake, consider Soylent. It's a drink that can provide a very large portion of your daily caloric intake, even 1000 calories per day. The good part is that it's in a drinkable form so it's a lot easier to gulp than to eat your way through that many calories.

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