How to Not to Lose Yourself in a Relationship

Oct 13, 2017 10:04 AM EDT | By Staff Reporter


How to Not to Lose Yourself in a Relationship

People often think that they need all of themselves to their partners. Devotion is a wonderful trait but it can lead you to the wrong place in relationships, where you can lose yourself completely. Losing yourself in a relationship is common for the kind of people whose world starts to revolve around their partner the very second they commit to him or her. It is great... for your partner. Such kind of devotion may result in losing yourself in a relationship because you stop being a priority for yourself. As a result, your partner may stop being interested in you, because most likely he or she fell for the person you've been and not the obedient doll you have become. In order not to spoil your perfect romance, check out our advice on how to prevent losing yourself in relationships.

Spend Time with Your Friends Without Your Partner

You know how it is important that your partner and your friends like each other, but the moment you stop spending time with your friends without your partner is the moment when you lose yourself in a relationship. Let's be honest, you are most likely to act differently with your friends when your partner is around than when you are on your own. Your friends got used to the good old you, which you are not when you are with your partner. So, it is great that they like each other, but it doesn't mean that from now on you should stop spending time with your friends without your partner. Russian women dating is something you can do without dealing with such problems, indeed.

Don't Forget Own Hobbies and Interests

No matter how perfect your match is, most likely there are certain interests or hobbies that you don't share. He or she may be a huge fan of Michael Bay film, while you enjoy watching films by David Lynch. He or she likes to collect toy-planes, while you are into collecting butterflies. If you are okay that he or she is into something that you don't particularly like, then he or she must be okay with your interests and hobbies that he is not fond of. You lose yourself in a relationship when you forget about your interests and hobbies. They represent the important part of your personality, and no matter how much you love your partner, you shouldn't forget about yourself. There are shared interests, and there are personal interests of each of you.

Speak Up

As we've mentioned above, devoting yourself to another person is great but forgetting about your own interests and needs is not. Don't undermine or compromise your own needs and desires just because you want to give everything to your partner. Don't undermine your own needs and desires because you think that you would lose your partner. Actually, you don't want to have anything to do with a partner who doesn't care for your desires and your needs, as relationships are about mutual care and not about one person carrying for someone with the latter doesn't giving a damn about the former.


If you don't want to ruin your relationships and figure out whether you really want to be with that person, don't get too dependent and don't spend all the time together. Respect your partner but don't forget that your partner must respect you too. Don't neglect your friends and don't let your relationship affect your worldview completely.

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