Dieting Not Enough? Here Are 6 Exercise Tips to Help You Lose Weight

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Losing weight is not easy. You need to exert more effort than you think, follow an effective diet for you to lose those unnecessary and unhealthy fats in your body. In America, almost half of the population of American adults are attempting to lose weight annually.

Although eating right and cutting off unhealthy, fat-contributing foods can help you lose weight, exercising remains one of the most common weight-loss strategies. For you to shed weight off your body, you need to burn those fats. There's no other way to burn those aside from doing workout exercises. 

Also, aside from the weight-loss effect, exercise can have other benefits, such as improved mood, reduced chances of getting chronic diseases, and stronger bones and immune system.

To start, here are six simple exercise tips for weight loss. 


A simple walk in the neighborhood won't hurt and cause that much time. Walking is one of the important and most manageable weight-loss exercises for losing weight, especially for beginners. People who are just beginning to do weight-loss exercises tend to get overwhelmed with gym equipment and intense workouts. But, beginners can start by walking.

Walking is also effortless to do and can fit perfectly in your daily routine. Instead of taking your car to the store, which is only a few blocks from your home, encourage yourself to walk to the store. It is also useful to have a target number of steps a day and increase it day by day. It is advisable to take a 30-minute walk at least 3 to 4 times a week.

Jogging and running

If you think walking is too easy, you can level up your cardio by jogging and doing long runs. A lot of people believe both are the same, but jogging and running are very distinct. Jogging only has a pacing of around 4-6 mph while running has a pacing of more than six mph. 

According to health experts and studies, they found out that running and jogging is an excellent way to burn harmful visceral fats, which is commonly known as belly fat. This fat is not suitable for the body because it may build around your internal organs that will lead one to have a chronic disease. 


This is another simple cardio exercise you can do anytime. All you need is a bicycle, so it makes an outdoor activity. However, fitness enthusiasts have created a way to make cycling possible, even indoors. Gyms and other fitness centers have stationary bikes for people to use for cycling. Overall, cycling is perfect for people at all fitness levels. 

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Interval Training

Interval training is commonly known as high-intensity interval training or HIIT. This is a weight-loss exercise that features short intervals but intensive exercises. The recovery periods will be done alternatively. HIIT is a great way to burn more calories while spending a small amount of exercise time. 


If you love going to the beach or your local public pool, you can use swimming as your weight-loss exercise. It is fun, and aside from burning fats, you can even get in shape. The way you swim also affects how many calories you reduce. If you swim for 30 minutes, you will be able to burn 298 calories for backstroke, 372 for treading water, 372 for breaststroke, and 409 for butterfly. 


Many people underestimate the power of yoga, but it is a great weight-loss exercise. It does not only reduce the right amount of calories from your body but also provides you with health benefits. Yoga also gives an improvement in your mental health. 

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