7 Foods You Should Look Out for That Are Unexpectedly High in Sugar

Jul 14, 2020 07:00 AM EDT | By Staff Reporter (staff@foodworldnews.com)

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Sugar plays a vital role in our health and body; it provides us with the energy that we need during the day to do all our activities. However, eating too much sugar can be bad for your health. It has been proven that too much sugar intake leads to health problems and diseases, such as diabetes, obesity, heart diseases, and cancer.

People who are at risk of these diseases often limit their intake of sugar, but sometimes it's not that easy to do. Some types of food have hidden sugars in it that you're not exactly aware of, especially when they don't taste sweet at all. Here are seven examples of foods that are surprisingly high in sugar

Low-Fat Yogurt

Yogurt contains a lot of nutrients and benefits. However, it depends on what type of yogurt you eat. Each type of yogurt is not the same. For low-fat kinds of yogurts, manufacturers add more sugar to it to enhance its flavor. Full-fat yogurt is much healthier compared to low-fat ones because it does not have added and artificial sugar. 


If you are a ketchup lover, but you are at risk of diabetes or heart diseases, then you should take time to slow down on your ketchup intake. It is often loaded with sugar to make people eat more of their food. A single tablespoon of ketchup typically contains a teaspoon of sugar.

Spaghetti and BBQ Sauces

Just like ketchup, these sauces have added sugar to it to make it taste more delicious and enticing. If you plan on making spaghetti, it is always best to use fresh or pure tomato sauce. Although it may take time for you to reach the richness, spaghetti flavor, at least it's not unhealthy like instant spaghetti sauces. It is also best to check the labels first when buying any sauces. 

Chocolate Milk

Chocolate milk is not pure milk at all. It has a mixture of added sugar and cocoa, which makes it super sweet. Milk is a very healthy drink for people of all ages, but chocolate milk is a whole different thing. A glass of chocolate milk contains about 11.4 grams of added sugar, which is extremely sweet for an average person. 

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Iced Tea

There are tons of instant iced tea packs in grocery stores and supermarkets, and a lot of people actually love iced tea. However, they contain high amounts of sugars or flavored syrup. For a healthier option, you may get regular tea bags and then add an amount of sugar that will suit your taste. You can also buy iced tea packs that do not contain added sugar. 


People market Vitaminwater as a healthy drink, but it is actually junk. Most health drinks contain large amounts of sugar to enhance its flavor. A bottle of Vitaminwater contains about 100 calories and 30 grams of added sugar. If you want a less-sugar option, get Vitaminwater zero. It is the sugar-free option of the drink.

Breakfast Cereals

If you're always on the go and you don't have time to cook good breakfast milk, you will always go for the quicker version of breakfast food-- and that is cereal meals. Most breakfast cereals contain high sugar, and when you eat it every day, it might increase your risk of getting sugar-related diseases. 

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