Burger King's Chicken and Fries Sharing Box Is Back!

Jul 21, 2020 08:00 AM EDT | By Wyn J. (staff@foodworldnews.com)

Chicken and Fries
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Whenever you buy some fries, have you ever thought that it would all be better if you have some pieces of chicken as well? If your answer is yes, then here's some good news for you. Burger King is set to bring back their shareable box that has both your favorite fried chicken and fries!

Burger King's Chicken and Fries

Give your family and friends a call because Burger King is bringing their Chicken and Fries back on the menu this week! After the restrictions due to the lockdown have been lifted in some parts of the world, Burger King is reopening their branches again and with a new and expanded menu for its customers to enjoy.

Among its new items on the menu is the Burger King Chicken and Fries. This item comes in a shareable box that has both your favorite Burger King chicken breasts and crispy fries. Also, aside from the classic fried chicken, you can add a kick of spiciness on your chicken with BK's new flavor, the spicy jalapeño version. The box also comes with sachets of your favorite dip. What more could you ask for, right?

Another Surprise

Aside from the shareable chicken box, Burger King will also launch a much bigger shareable box that contains all your Burger King cravings! The box is stuffed with BK's nuggets, chicken fries, chili cheese bites, and onion rings! 

The item in the shareable box will contain about five pieces each. The incredible snack box is sold for only £6.49 ($8.25), and it is definitely worth your money. 

If you are not the fried chicken type of person, don't worry, because Burger King has also launched a new burger item on their menu. The Halloumi Bacon Burger is their newest burger on the menu, and it has gained a lot of support from everyone, especially from burger lovers and fans. The Halloumi burger was once in the menu before, and BK is returning it on the current menu because of its high demand.

According to Burger King UK's marketing head Katie Evans, they are delighted to bring the Halloumi Bacon Burger back on the menu. The fast-food chain company is still coping with the pandemic lockdown, and they are still adapting to some changes in their reopening plans. 

Evans also said that the new items on the menu are their way of letting people feel they are going back to normal. With the availability of a shareable chicken and fries box, everyone will surely feel better amidst the global pandemic that is going around the world. Burger King is taking this step to let people know that new and better things are still coming in the future that will make everything at ease. 

The shareable box is perfect for sharing with a group-- either your friends or family-- but, if you think one box is not enough for you, then you can also have it all to yourself! Don't miss out and grab a box today at your nearest Burger King branch!

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