The Noom Diet Allows You to Eat What You Want. Here's What We Know

Aug 07, 2020 05:01 AM EDT | By MaryAnneR.

Noom diet

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There are numerous diets that promise rapid weight loss and other health benefits. Some of the popular ones are the Atkins diet, South Beach diet, Vegan diet, and Ketogenic diet among others.

Just hit the search bar about the most effective diet and the internet will give countless options to choose from.

Currently, the Noom diet has been making waves in the diet industry. But can we ensure that its provides you the promised benefits such as rapid weight loss, without compromising your overall wellbeing?

What Is the Noom Diet?

You might be wondering what is the Noom diet that every one is talking about. Noom is a mobile app that help people lose weight, get fit, and stay healthy.

This is through the use of traffic light system that rank foods based on how many calories they contain. Basically, the mobile app allows you to consume food while knowing its calorie contents.

The app's developers claim that using these data can help create a personalized weight loss plans that help deliver long lasting weight loss results.

The app gives users weekly challenges and educational information, tools to track your progress, a virtual coaching team, and biometric tracking.

What Can You Eat?

The Noom diet allows you to eat what you want, with limits. Unlike other fad diets that are also circulating on social media, Noom takes an approach of offering flexibility by allowing all foods to fit into your diet.

Noom does not forbid desserts and other treats, but encourages taking less of high-caloric food items.

John Higgins, a sports cardiologist at McGovern Medical School at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, said that the Noom diet is considered safe for anyone to try.

Higgins said that the Noom diet provides a minimum number of calories every day, while encouraging people not to restrict their food intake unsafely or unhealthily.

"I give it two thumbs up for the fact that it uses evidence-based behavior changes and smart ... coaches to help people set and achieve their weight goals," Higgins was quoted in an Insider report.

Study on the Noom Diet

Some researchers looked at the effectiveness of the Noom diet through its mobile app. The 2016 study noted data from Noom users who logged their diet at least twice every month for the duration of six months.

A total of 77.9 percent of 35, 921 Noom users reported a reduction in body weight while using Noom app.

The researchers said that users who monitored their weight and dietary activities experience more consistent weight loss.

Another study in 2016, looked at Noom's ability to deliver a diabetes prevention program to 43 participants who have prediabetes.

Participants in the start of the study were reported to be overweight or obese.

A total of 36 participants completed the study, and 64 percent lost more than five percent of their body weight.

The limitation of the study was that it did not compare the Noom diet with any other app or diet. This makes it difficult to state whether the Noom diet is more effective when it comes to losing weight.


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