Tips for Making Organic Baby Food Puree

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Organic baby food made by loving mom will always be the best for a growing baby. Adults or infants, everyone loves nutritious, delicious homemade meals.

Instead of finding baby food delivery services and subscriptions, you may create secure, cost-effective, and nutritious organic purees if you have enough time for your baby.

Babies over four months can start eating nutrient-packed purees made at home with parent's love. And to help you start creating your baby's fun-meal, here are some recipes and tips to get you started with your homemade baby food journey.

According to Good Net, organic baby food doesn't need to come from the grocery store. You just need to prepare delicious purees with wholesome natural ingredients, steamer, peeler, blender, or food processor, freezer bags, and storage trays. 

Aside from being easy-to-make food, baby foods made from home will save lots of money. You can also be sure that what your baby eats is fresh and organic. According to BabyFoode, making the food for your little one will save up to 98 percent of the cost. 

Tips on Making Organic Baby Food
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At six months, a baby could eat 2,500 ounces of puree. If your baby eats store-bought organic purees, it would cost $900. 

Introduce purees to your baby, start with a teaspoon, and slowly increase the quantity of what she swallows. Each food has a distinct taste, color, and aroma that babies can determine using their senses during mealtime.  

Remember that purees are not substitutes for formula or breast milk, which is the baby's primary needs for the first year. However, nutrient-dense vegetables, fruits, spices, and proteins will improve the baby's growth and development.

There are three stages of purees designed for a separate age group that you must give to your baby. Below are the stages of making the appropriate purees for your little one: 

  1. The first stage is for babies from 4-6 months. This stage is the introduction of fruits and vegetables one at a time. However, at this stage, babies still need to feed using formula or breastmilk for liquid consistency. Make sure that the food you will introduce is smooth and easy to swallow.

    There are several simple and delicious recipes for your baby's first meet to his/her meal. You may offer baby carrots puree with nutmeg, puree apple, and cinnamon, puree broccoli with olive oil, and puree mango with vanilla.

    You may also make healthy and organic homemade baby cereal. All you need to do is combine cooked steel-cut oats, brown rice, and quinoa. Puree the cereal with natural probiotics to boost your baby's gut health.
  2. Over six months, babies can eat a bit thicker organic puree and combine different fruits and vegetables. Baby age more than six months can now eat any food except for honey. But you may continue pureed vegetables like kale and asparagus, protein-rich foods such as beef, yogurt, and chicken.

    A carrot, pumpkin, and corn combination of puree is a full-packed delicious and nutritious meal for your baby. You may offer your baby with a sweet and tart sensation food like apple, vanilla bean, and raspberry puree. 
  3. Stage three begins once your baby is nine months old. This stage could introduce a lumpier puree. A masher can often be used instead of a food processor or blender. Aside from exploring tastes, the baby's motor skill will improve as the baby can now be placed on a high chair with a tray and let your child feed himself.

According to a Cambridge study, letting your child discover these tastes at a young age will positively impact your child's appreciation of food.

There is various way to combine introducing foods to your baby while improving his growth and development. You may create purees using all the colors of the rainbow to discover the primary colors, and you may put purees on different shapes to recognize it, and many other creative ways.  

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