6 Best Indian Restaurants to Try in the US

Aug 29, 2020 11:12 AM EDT | By Madelaine D. (staff@foodworldnews.com)

Many people love going to Indian restaurants in the United States because it can create wonderful memories to keep. One of the best ways to bring back memories is through foods and smells.

After spending a lot of time at home to keep the family safe because of the COVID-19 pandemic, you surely need to have an adventure trip. 

6 Best Indian Restaurants to Try in the US
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6 Best Indian Restaurants to Try in the US

Traveling across America, New York, New Jersey, California, Texas, and Kentucky are some of the country's must-visit states. Aside from the "instagramable" sites, your list must include trying different foods when you visit a place. In the United States, you will find lots of great Indian restaurants.

Indian cuisine has been the best in the world that is rich in flavor and spices. So to help you choose the restaurants that serve delicious Indian dishes, here are six of the best Indian restaurants in the U.S. you absolutely need to check out.

1. Shalimar Indian Restaurant

As you travel in Kentucky, your journey won't be satisfying without trying and looking for its most famous city, Louisville. While spending your vacation in Louisville, make sure to visit the Shalimar Indian Restaurant

This restaurant will surely awaken your taste buds. Shalimar serves lamb, chicken, goat, and seafood. Their soup and salad with Indian bread and desserts, such as ras malai and gulab jamun, are the best part of the food they serve to their customers. 

2. Woodlands Indian Vegetarian Restaurant

The Woodlands Indian Vegetarian Restaurant is located in Chatsworth in the state of California. Woodlands is a good restaurant that serves authentic recipes inspired by the southern region of India.

Woodland has a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. The vegetarian restaurant serves appetizers like potato bond, bhel puri, and Indian-style pancakes to dosa and house specialties such as poori bhaji, Andhra pesarat, and many more.

3. Zaika Indian Cuisine & Bar

When you travel to Niagara Falls in New York, you can find the only Indian restaurant to visit here. Named Zaika Indian Cuisine & Bar, the restaurant serves dishes that will give you the pleasure of tasting a variety of Indian recipes.

Zaika has specialties of chicken tikka masala, tandoori dishes, and dal makhani. For you to be more familiar with their flavors, make sure to order these before you try other items in the menu like mint and tamarind chutney, garlic naan, and lamb vindaloo.

4. Kochi Indian Cuisine

In the Hightstown in New Jersey, you will find the Kochi Indian Cuisine that gives your appetite a fantastic experience. Kochi has high-quality and fresh ingredients in every dish with kind service from their friendly staff. The Kochi menu's highlight includes the vegetable Kurma, chicken biryani, and Kochi special chicken curry.

5. Bollywood Theater

Aside from the cinema that Bollywood Theater showcases, this place is also considered one of the best Indian restaurants in Portland, Oregon. In Bollywood Theater, you can find all the delicious and all-time favorite Indian foods that every restaurant has.

This fantastic Indian restaurant also highlights the street foods of India like bhel puri and vada pav. Likewise, you must try their curry dishes and thali meals to complete your experience in Bollywood Theater. This restaurant has wines, beers, and non-alcoholic drinks - the perfect partner to your dishes. 

6. Taj Indian Restaurant

You can find top-notch attractions and good Indian restaurants in the state of Tennessee, particularly in Nashville. One of the most famous Indian restaurants here is the Taj Indian restaurant.

Taj is where you can find different Indian dishes that your tummy will surely love. Tandoori namoone, biryani, roti ghar (homemade Indian bread), and seafood dishes are some of the best foods this restaurant serves. 

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