6 Unhealthiest Fast-Food Restaurants, New Data Reveals

Sep 16, 2020 10:24 AM EDT | By Madelaine D. (staff@foodworldnews.com)

Fast-food restaurants have been doing well during the COVID-19 pandemic than smaller independent restaurants. While everyone seemed to be relying on fast food more than ever, we might have let the concern about unhealthy eating slip our minds. 

The Consumer Reports published a new evaluation of different chains to determine which one provides nutritious food options. The overall healthfulness rating of restaurants was based on several criteria concerned with how easy it is to eat healthy from their menu. The restaurants deemed to provide the most nutritious food options were those that offer customizable grain bowls, delicious vegetarian options, and colorful-packed dishes. 

6 Unhealthiest Fast-Food Restaurants, New Data Reveals
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6 Unhealthiest Fast-Food Restaurants, New Data Reveals

Unsurprisingly, restaurants at the bottom of the evaluation's healthy ratings were household names that provide craveable and convenient food. Here are the bottom five:

1. Domino's Pizza

Pizza delivery has been the comfort for many families during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, you should get your pizza habit checked, especially if you frequently order yours at Domino's. Most of Domino's Pizza is very high in sodium, especially with processed meats like sausage, pepperoni, and bacon. A huge amount of cheese on all their pizza bring the fat and calories content sky-high as well. 

2. The Cheesecake Factory

The Cheesecake Factory is a great place to buy a tasty family dinner. However, eating a healthy meal at the cheesecake Factory is quite challenging. According to EatThis, there is one specific dish that it recommends not to get from the chain's menu as it's unhealthy. Here are the healthiest items you should avoid at this chain, as per the nutritionists.

3. McDonald's

For many reasons, McDonald's has been patronized by lots of people, but offering healthy meals isn't one of those. The chain is synonymous with unhealthy eating and junk foods. McDonald's has food on their menu that is less offensive in terms of sodium and calories. But here are ten worst menu items from McDonald's.

4. Subway

The Subway menu has lots of loaded items with saturated fat, sodium, and sometimes sugar. The sandwiches from this chain are not good for the eaters. Thinking about the vegetables founded in traces, the processed meats are incorporated. According to EatThis nutritionists, Subway has weighed in on its menu items, and it would be one of the worst fast-food options out there. 

5. Applebee's

Applebee's is a field of calorie bombs. A whopping 1,150 calories are what a single chicken tender could give you, and their salads are not an exception. Check out these worst items on their menu, along with the nutritionists, recommended healthier options. 

6. Olive Garden

The fan-favorite Italian chain offers heavy sauces, high-fat soups, pasta, and sodium-loaded appetizers that are hard to place a healthy order. The pasta dish is the absolute unhealthiest option on Olive Garden's menu, as per EatThis. If you want to lose or maintain your weight, here are the recommended lighter options from the nutritionists. 

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