Viral Food Hacks that Hilariously Fail

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4 Viral Food Hacks that are Hilariously Fails
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4 Viral Food Hacks that are Hilariously Fails

The internet is filled with lots of 'food hacks' that look so easy and will save you a bunch of time and frustration in the kitchen. But you cannot trust everything you see on the internet, including those hacks. Most kitchen hacks look too good to be true. Yes, they are! 

With Eat This!, Kasandra Brabaw tested these viral food hacks seen on TikTok or like 5-minute Crafts to see which tricks work and which don't. Most of them didn't work. Here are some of those food hacks and their results:

Scramble eggs from the inside

A few years ago, golden eggs were all the rage. The idea is spinning a raw egg super fast using a pair of stockings, pop the yolk and scramble it from the inside. Cooking the egg through that process leads to a beautiful golden hard-boiled egg. Brabaw gave it a try and spun an egg 50 times. But there was no yolk popage. The cracked egg in the boiling water didn't come up to be a "golden" egg when Brabaw cut it open-but it did look like the yolk had moved closer to the top.

Using Ritz cracker to cut a perfect square of cheese

A TikTok user posted a video wherein they made perfectly portioned slices of cheese that fit buttery crackers like those cheese and cracker lunchables. The deleted video shows how the ridges of a Ritz cracker are excellent at slicing cheese into a perfect little square. When Brabaw tested a similar process from that of TikTok food hacks, the cracker did start to cut provolone. It took several rolls to make the tiniest cut and halfway up one side, but the cracker shattered. To make a lovely square of cheese, it would use several Ritz and not worth it for Kasandra when it's so easy to grab a knife or tear the cheese with her hands. 

Microwave hard-shell taco

From soft corn tortillas, you can transform it into hard shell tacos in just one minute through a microwave, according to FoodBeast. The instructions are simple: Fold the soft corn shell and place it inside a coffee mug. Put it in the microwave for one minute, and it will turn into a crunchy shell. Kasandra heard a significant crunch in the FoodBeast video, so she tried it. The taco shell had some crunch but also soggy when condensation buildup on the cup. The corn shell turned to a chewy kind of hard, not lovely crunchy kind of hard, unlike getting taco shells from the store or a shell fried or baked in the oven.

Bake cookies through the bottom of a hot cast-iron pan

Good Housekeeping made baked cookies through the bottom of a hot cast-iron pan. Those who are desperate to create cookies would check these food hacks. The hack shows throwing your cast iron pan on a stove, heating it hot, and plop it on top of your cookie dough. The internet hack came out to a nicely done cookie with a slightly gooey center. Kasandra knew it would not work, but still, she tested it to be fair. Unfortunately, it fell flat. The cooking was thin and stuck to the bottom of the pan. It was crispy on tone, but the base was still doughy that was not a cookie that would satisfy cravings.

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