Blue Apron Introduces First-Ever Thanksgiving Feast

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Blue Apron has a new offering that will make your holiday menu easy to prepare and will give you ample time to celebrate with your loved ones.

The company introduced its first-ever Thanksgiving feast with a chef-designed recipe made for an unforgettable, delicious, and stress-free Thanksgiving Day meal. 

Blue Apron is known for its unique take on recipes and will now have a Thanksgiving-inspired, southern-style menu to give you more options. This thanksgiving-inspired menu is very suitable for every holiday table for parties up to eight people. 

Blue Apron Introduces First-ever Thanksgiving Feast
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Blue Apron Introduces First-ever Thanksgiving Feast

The Thanksgiving meal service has a complete step-by-step guide on how to prepare, cook, and organize a meal. Blue Apron also supports its home cooks to share tips on its social media channels to help people on making the holiday as fun as ever.

"Thanksgiving is going to be different for many families this year. And we're happy to join them in the kitchen by creating a one-stop-shop to make their entire holiday feast a little easier," said John Adler, Vice President of Culinary at Blue Apron.

Building upon positive feedback to their dessert offering last year, Adler added that they wanted to give their home cooks more Thanksgiving options, "especially as some people may find themselves playing different roles, either as a first-time host or just cooking for themselves."  

Blue Apron customers can choose a complete Thanksgiving feast with side dishes, dessert, and easy to carve boneless turkey breast or may add the Thanksgiving recipes to the signature menu you love to serve such as a holiday pork roast, dessert or side dishes.

Holiday Feast Favorites wine bundle, featuring Blue Apron chefs' selections of four red and two white wines chosen to complement its new Thanksgiving dishes is also being offered.

To learn more about Blue Apron's Thanksgiving options, you can visit

What is Blue Apron, and how does it work?

Blue Apron is a fresh recipe and ingredient delivery service that helps people cook incredible meals at home. It takes care of the menu planning, shopping, and providing of fresh, locally sourced ingredients in pre-measured quantities. All you have to do is cook and enjoy your meal with your family and friends. 

With an option to skip your orders up to five weeks in advance or cancel at any time, Blue Apron offers the following plans designed for your specific culinary needs:

Signature Plan for 2 or 4

Blue Apron offers a plan for two wherein you may choose two or three recipes for each weekly delivery that are perfectly portioned for two people. Out of 8 unique choices, you have to select 2 to 3 recipes created by Blue Apron's culinary team.

On the other hand, the signature plan for four is perfect for feeding a family of four. Blue Apron's culinary team creates six delicious recipe options and you can choose 2, 3 or 4 recipes per delivery. 

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