McDonald's Fan Shows How to Make Secret Menu Burger; Viewers Call It the "Ultimate Hangover Cure"

Oct 13, 2020 09:29 AM EDT | By Madelaine D. (


A McDonald's fan and an American TikTok star revealed how to make the ultimate "secret menu" burger of the famous fast-food chain.

Every McDonald's lover must've tried everything on the McDonald's menu at least once. But if you are bored of the fast-food chain's offers, you can make your own through the TikTok star revelation of how to create the ultimate "secret menu" burger. If you are a McDonald's faint-hearted fan, you won't like this, The Sun reported.

Maddie Goetz shared the tutorial on her TikTok account and explained what you need to order to make the epic "secret menu" burger combined with a McChicken sandwich and double cheeseburger.

To start with, Goetz opened up a cheeseburger and placed the McChicken sandwich inside.

 @maddiegoetzzzzzMCDONALDS Will never be the same babyyyy ##YUM ##cheeseburger ##mcchicken ##insane ##fyp ##foryou ##foryoupage  ♬ original sound - Maddie Goetz 

Maddie only kept one and had two bunds in her burger instead. Some people want to stay both meat patties. Maddie gave her 829,000 followers a step-by-step guide through her video. Maddie said, "Then my own special touch - FRENCH FRIES! My own special touch is a lick of hot sauce."

Other fans prefer to order a sausage McMuffin than a McChicken when making their "secret menu" burger, as per the McDonald's fandom Wiki page. The McDonald's fan's video has been viewed more than three million times on TikTok. Users are desperate to try the burger.

A viewer commented: "The McChicken McDouble combo is a must but not with the third bun..."

According to one person from Newcastle in the UK, they do the same with Maddie's shared idea, and it's a hangover cure.

On the other hand, some debated that the "secret menu" item is called "McChicken McDouble" or a "McBanger."

Meanwhile, fans have been reacting with the McDonald's new spicy quarter pounder burger. They think the new burger is "too hot," and extra heat that's been added "spoils it," according to Ladbible.

The new sandwich has been on the market since last week. It is with several other new additions in the famous fast-food chain. However, some folks had all the time they needed to make their mind about the new spicy quartered pounder burger.

One person said that the burger sauce tastes tabasco, but it is unclear what McDonald's has added to it.

According to another McDonald's fan, "The tomato sauce tastes like the Tabasco tomato sauce they had for the spicy nuggets. It just overpowered it, and that's all I could taste."

A spokesperson told The Sun that McDonald's new quarter pounder with cheese range is an incredibly popular new launch. The fast-food chain is delighter to offer their customers the choice of turning down the heat from the spicy quarter to a new quarter pounder deluxe with cool mayo for McDonald's fans.

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