No Time to Cook? Try These Quick And Easy Work-From-Home Lunch Ideas

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Adapting to a working from home set up is no easy task, especially when coming up with ideas on what to have for lunch.

Online meetings, tight deadlines, and long, dizzying screen time. These are just several of the challenges people face every day when they are working from home. Additionally, working with an empty stomach is not an option. This is why it is essential to have a long list of ideas of what you can have for lunch while working from home.

Quick And Easy Working-from-home Lunch Ideas
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However, it is also a challenge to hustle at work and, at the same time, fix yourself a hearty lunch. According to the Guardian, London's Snackbar Owner, Freddie Janssen, says that the secret is in pickles, kimchis, and krauts. He says that stocking the fridge with condiments can already make you a meal.

Soy-cured Eggs

Janssen recommends always keep soy-cured eggs for a quick-fix lunch while working from home. He said that soy-cured eggs could be paired with rice bowls to make a simple meal. In addition, it can also be put in soba noodle salads. Plus, add in your crunchy vegetables, simple tahini, soy sauce, honey, and lime dressing. Moreover, he just recently launched their home delivery service, Snackbar At Home.

In order to achieve the perfect pickled egg, boil them for six minutes 45 seconds, then chill and peel. Pop the peeled eggs in a container with 500ml of light soy sauce, 300ml of water, 100ml of rice-wine vinegar, and 100g of sugar. Leave this mixture until your eggs all cure evenly.

Three-egg Omelet

Quick And Easy Working-from-home Lunch Ideas
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Meanwhile, Chef-Director of Yorkshire's The Black Swan located at Oldstead, Tommy Banks, says a three-egg omelet can already serve as a hefty lunch. Add in some slices of baron Bigod or Tunworth cheese, which will easily turn into a luxurious meal. He claims that the secret to achieving a light and soft omelet is by starting with a warm pan, just so the butter does not color.

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Quick And Easy Working-from-home Lunch Ideas
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Another filling and delicious idea, according to Jassen, are toasts. Using a good pan can create beautiful toasts that can be partnered with cheddar or kimchi. More is always the best option when using cheese, and it's wise to have them grated, says Jassen.

Molten Cheese

Little French Chef and Owner Freddy Bird says he has a fondness for molten cheese. He adds that a spicy, Turkish-style chopped salad keeps him perky.


On the other hand, for Imad Alarnab, who is the owner of Imad's Syrian Kitchen, fattoush has a great appeal. He uses cucumber, cherry tomatoes, boiled black lentils, and flatbread with apple cider vinegar, pomegranate molasses, and dried mint to create this perfect dish.

One-pan Chicken


You can say that this is the ultimate comfort food to have at lunch while working from home. Freddy Bird suggests making a one-pan chicken with ingredients mainly found in your cupboard. Start by cooking a batted-out chicken breast with its skin side down in a pan. Afterward, chuck in a bit of garlic towards the end.

Proceed to remove your chicken breast, then deglaze the pan with white wine, cream, mustard, herbs, and stock. You can do all this in just 10 minutes, and you will have a delectable dish as promised by Bird.

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