Facebook Launches a New Feature Called ‘Drives’

Dec 17, 2020 08:52 AM EST | By Kristine M. (staff@foodworldnews.com)

Social media leader Facebook is back again with another striking feature called "Drive" to help users donate and collect essentials for the needy. 

Facebook Launches A New Feature Called ‘Drives’
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According to E-Global Soft Solutions, the platform has launched a feature exclusively for U.S. users that aids in collecting and donating items like food, clothes, and other essentials for the people in need. The Drive feature can be accessed by going to the existing Community Help hub.

In 2017, Facebook introduced the Community Hub so users can centralize their resources in the wake of a crisis, like man-made, accidental, or natural disaster. However, this year, the Community Hub feature has been put to broader use as part of the Facebook COVID-19 efforts. 

At present, the economic crisis in the U.S. caused by global pandemic affected millions of individuals. Thousands lost their jobs, and there are growing concerns that more will follow. 

Additionally, an estimated 12 million individuals may lose their unemployment benefits in December when CARES Act provisions lapse. Furthermore, there is also the food insecurity issue, inability to pay bills, and concerns over household expenses currently affecting many Americans.

According to TechCrunch, Drives will allow users to create and share their efforts in collecting items for those in need.

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To create a Drive, the user must visit the Community Help hub. Afterwhich, the user clicks the "Request or Offer Help" button. On the bottom portion of the pop-up window, click "Create Drive." 

Fill out the form and set a goal for the number of items you want to collect. Once the Drive you have created is posted, others will see what is still needed using the goal tracker. The created Drive will appear in the user's News Feed and Timeline like a regular post.

According to Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, the users have already raised more than $100 million for COVID-19 causes on Facebook and Instagram. Another $65 million was also raised for racial justice causes.

All posts in Community Help, including Drives, will be reviewed to ensure they do not violate any of Facebook's Community Standards or its Community Help Product Policies. The policies prohibit insensitive and promotional content, spam, inauthentic posts, and posts from users under 18 years old.

Additional reports claim that Drives is just one of many holiday efforts launched by Facebook. Previously, they stated that they would match up to $7 million in eligible donations to U.S. nonprofits on Giving Tuesday, which was last December 1.

The social media giant also had a fundraiser called "Peace Through Music: A Global Event For Social Justice" exclusively on Facebook Live.

The event featured Aloe Blacc, Billie Eilish, Becky G, Carlos Santana & Cindy Blackman Santana, Killer Mike, Ringo Starr, Skip Marley, and others. The fundraiser supported the United Nations Population Fund, Playing for Change Foundation, Silkroad, Sankofa, and The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Foundation.

On the other hand, joining the philanthropic efforts, Instagram is also gearing towards developing a new fundraising tool like Facebook. However, at present, users can fundraise with stickers on Stories and Instagram Live. 

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