6 Foods to Help Lessen Your COVID-19 Risk

Dec 21, 2020 08:30 PM EST | By Josh Summers (staff@foodworldnews.com)

When SARS-CoV-2, a virus that causes COVID-19 introduces itself to the world, medical experts began encouraging people to strengthen their innate defense against the disease through different ways such as proper nutrition from foods. 

As of December 21, 2020, the World Health Organization reports that there have been 75,704,857 confirmed cases of COVID-19 all around the world. The organization furthers that 32,740,713 of the confirmed cases are from the Americas, which is very alarming. 

Although the Pfizer vaccine is already being shipped across the United States, reinforcing the immune system, even more, to lessen one's risk of contracting the notorious disease. 

Foods that Boost the Immune System

6 Foods to Lessen Your COVID-19 Risk
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Vendors are selling vegetables in an open market on December 2, 2020 in Wuhan, Hubei province, China.With no recorded cases of COVID 19 community transmissions since May, life for residents is gradually returning to normal.

Proper nutrition is one way of boosting the body's immune system so that it can have a fair battle with SARS-CoV-2 in case it enters your body.

The World Health Organization also emphasizes that proper nutrition and hydration are vital because according to them, people who have a well-balanced diet have a strong immune system and have a lower risk of contracting chronic illnesses. 

If you are worried about what to eat to boost your immune system, here are some of the foods you can eat, also mentioned by Eat This Not That

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Red Bell Peppers

6 Foods to Lessen Your COVID-19 Risk
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A worker of 'Armazem Terra Viva' wearing mask weights bell peppers received from organic producers of Ipero region on April 01, 2020 in Sorocaba, Brazil. 'Armazem Terra Viva' receives products from over 50 different families, all organic. During the isolation caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic the demand for healthy foods doubled.

While this vegetable can be easily added to any dish to enhance its flavor, red bell peppers also give a kick to your immune system. 

Bingham Memorial Hospital notes that a medium bell pepper contains more than twice as much as oranges and has a pack of the antioxidant beta-carotene. Slice them and toss them in a salad or put them in your omelet to reinforce your immune system. 


6 Foods to Lessen Your COVID-19 Risk
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Mushroom specialist Hansjoerg Beyer reaches for chanterelle mushrooms (Cantharellus cibarius, in German: Pfifferling) lying on a table among other mushroom types during a free mushroom counseling service offered by the Botanisches Museum on August 15, 2011 in Berlin, Germany. The exceptionally rainy German summer has caused mushrooms of all types to flourish, much to the delight of mushroom gatherers.

Eat This Not That shares that mushrooms have built their reputation in supporting the immune function. Registered dietitian, Elisa Bremer notes in an interview with Eat This Not That, saying mushrooms are linked to increasing the number and strength of T-Cells, and a good source of Vitamin D which is an infectious disease expert. 


This holy grail doe not only fight inflammation in your body but also makes your immune system in tip-top shape according to Healthline. They add that taking this in a shot or tea may keep the immune system healthy. 

Add this as an ingredient to a variety of foods to enhance the flavor and aroma of your dishes, alongside strengthening your immune health. 


6 Foods to Lessen Your COVID-19 Risk
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Broccoli, celery and other vegetables lie on display at a Spanish producer's stand at the Fruit Logistica agricultural trade fair on February 8, 2017 in Berlin, Germany. The fair, which takes place from February 8-10, is taking place amidst poor weather and harvest conditions in Spain that have led to price increases and even rationing at supmermarkets for fresh vegetables across Europe.

A study brief from UCLA which was published in Science Daily suggests that the enzymes in broccoli may hold the key to restore the body's immunity that declines when people age. 

Eat This Not That adds that it is also rich in Vitamins A, C, and E, which are known to aid in boosting the immune response and function. 


6 Foods to Lessen Your COVID-19 Risk
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Garlic, onions and shallots lie on display at the Green Week (Grüne Woche) agricultural trade fair on January 17, 2020 in Berlin, Germany. Green Week will be open to the public from January 17-26.

The University of Rochester Medical Center mentions that this vegetable is utilized as an antiseptic, antibacterial, and antifungal agent. Moreover, they add that t may help the body fight or destroy viruses and other microorganisms, through the reinforcement of the immune system. 


This breakfast favorite is mentioned by Eat This Not That as an immune booster. Bremer points out in her interview that yogurt is a great source of probiotics which is beneficial to the gut microbiome, which is important in the process and strengthening of the immune system. 

Even with the help of the available vaccine, outsmarting COVID-19 through these foods can help you be protected against the notorious respiratory disease. 

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