Fact-Check: Eating According to Your Blood Type Aids in Weight Loss

Dec 23, 2020 09:48 AM EST | By Josh Summers (staff@foodworldnews.com)

Fact-Check: Eating According to Your Blood Type Aids in Weight Loss
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Eating Habits in accordance with the blood type promotes weight loss. This is the promise of a diet trend dating back to 1996. 

Diets and a healthy lifestyle are important and vital to living a healthier and more active life. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), a healthy diet protects an individual from chronic noncommunicable diseases like cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. 

Different trends like fasting and ketogenic diets are in the limelight because of the enablers and people who dive into their diet show results online on their fitness journey. 

But discipline from cutting down several foods is the secret behind these successful individuals who tried various diet trends such as keto and fasting. 

Does Blood Type Diet Work?

Before thinking of diving into this diet, because none of the diets you have tried before worked, it is important to note that this diet is no effective. According to US News and World Report, when science is taken to account, this diet is not effective

The news site mentions a 2013 analysis published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition stating that No evidence exists to validate the health benefits of the blood type diet. This statement was echoed by Harvard Medical School

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What to eat in a blood type diet?

Harvard Medical School Mentions that naturopathic physician Peter D'Adamo published a book that describes how people can get healthier live longer and achieve their weight goals through a secret in eating. 

If you are wondering what people who undergo this blood type diet eat, well from the name itself, they eat according to their blood type. 

This Diet has a specific group of foods to be consumed for each blood type. Harvard Medical School mentions that this diet encompasses one's blood type should identify which spices, exercise, and even condiments to eat. 

US News and World Report state that people with type A blood should focus on consuming fruits, vegetables, tofu, turkey, seafood, and whole grains. The news site adds that they should avoid meat, corn, dairy, wheat, and kidney beans. 

WebMD adds that type O should focus on a high-protein diet heavy on lean meat, poultry fish, and vegetables and light on grains, beans, and dairy. 

Harvard Medical School Furthers that type B shall have a diverse diet that includes meat, fruit, dairy, seafood, and grains. They also note that to lose weight, B people must choose green vegetables, licorice tea, eggs, and liver. However, they should avoid chicken, corn, peanut, and wheat. 

For type AB who wishes to lose weight, Us News and World Reports recommend avoiding chicken, corn, buckwheat, and kidney beans. 

WebMD shares that people who undergo this diet might have lost weight because the diet itself is very restricting. 

Diving into a diet is a very risky task and if you have a friend who went to a blood type diet with a promising result, remember that every diet does not apply to everyone. It is recommended to consult your physicians and dietitians for a healthier weight loss. 

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