Must-Try Kimchi Recipes That Can Make You Crave For More

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Kimchi was once known as a traditional Korean dish, but at present, with the Korean influence going global, kimchi had become one of the must-try dishes. According to Saveur, kimchi is a staple Korean dish that is typically made of salted and fermented vegetables. With different vegetables as the main ingredients, there are hundreds of varieties of kimchi. However, the most common are napa cabbage and Korean radish.

Must-Try Kimchi Recipes That Can Make You Crave For More
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According to the Culture Trip, kimchi became widely known since it was deeply associated with the Korean culture. When the Korean Wave took the world by storm, so was everything and anything related to their culture. As time went by, the kimchi dish also transformed, and here are several kimchi recipes you should try.

Kimchi Fried Rice

One of the easiest recipes using kimchi is the kimchi fried rice. This dish is also considered one of the staples in Korean cuisine. You can add soy sauce, chili-garlic paste, and kimchi cut in small pieces to complete this dish.

Kimchi Tofu Soup

Kimchi is not only a delicious side dish, but it can be made into a soup as well. Perfect for the winter season, this Kimchi Tofu Soup can warm you up in no time. Not to mention, it's a delicious dish to satisfy your hunger. Furthermore, this dish can be reheated and served even on the next day.

Kimchi Jjigae with Spam and Tofu

Jjigae is defined as stew or soup. Kimchi jjigae is another Korean staple that uses kimchi as the main ingredient of a stew or soup. You can use a variety of other ingredients like pork or seafood, but for this dish, spam and tofu can make it worthwhile. Just remember that the secret to achieving a savory broth is anchovies.

Skillet Bibimbap

This is a twist to the traditional way of making bibimbap. In the absence of a stone bowl, you can use a cast-iron skillet as an alternative. This dish is a complete and tasty meal using meat, kimchi, and assorted vegetables.

Budae Jjigae or Army Base Stew

Another heart-warming stew, but this time using an abundant variety of ingredients. This dish includes mushrooms, diced green onions, minced garlic, slices of white rice cake, cubed silky tofu, and kimchi. As for the level of spiciness, that will depend on your preference.

Kimchi Stew with Pork Belly

Another household favorite is pork belly, and what better way to use it than incorporate it with Kimchi stew. Nothing compares to the perfect harmony of pork and kimchi brought by this delicious dish.

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Crispy Kimchi and Cheddar Omelet 

Let's face it! The combination of kimchi and cheese is like a match made in heaven. Creating this dish is as simple as adding the cheese and kimchi to your eggs and cooking it until it's golden-brown and crispy.

Spicy Noodles with Peanut Butter and Kimchi

This dish may sound a bit unusual, but it promises flavors beyond description. You can use sesame noodles for this dish, plus your kimchi and peanut butter. It is a simple dish packed with lots of flavors that anyone can enjoy.

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