The Top 5 World’s Most Expensive Cheeses

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One of the most typical food items and common dish ingredients is cheese. It is a kitchen staple that almost everybody.

The World’s Most Expensive Cheeses
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 enjoys. The not so common thing about cheeses is that there are unique kinds that come with a hefty price tag. Intrigued? Let's know more about the most expensive cheeses there are on the market.

Extra Old Bitto Cheese - $150/Pound


All the way from the eastern part of the world is where we find the Extra Old Bitto Cheese. To be exact, this type of cheese is produced in China. Known for its exquisite cooking ingredients, China is also home to a few of the oldest and most expensive cheeses you can ever find. The Extra Old Bitto cheese was made in 1997 by a Hong Kong importer. However, since most of the Bitto cheeses were aged for ten years, they are considered a rare find and are currently priced at $150 per pound.

Wyke Farms Cheddar Cheese - $200/Pound


Although it is not a rare find, the Wyke Farms Cheddar Cheese attributes its high price to the way it is created. The Wyke family farm in Great Britain is known for producing traditional cheeses and then turning them into something extraordinary by infusing them with gold leaf and white truffle. It is priced at $200 per pound and is described as tangy and full-flavored.

White Stilton Gold Cheese - $400/pound


Initially produced as a holiday exclusive, the white stilton gold was the brainchild of Long Clawson Dairy located in Leicestershire, England. Taken from its name, this cheese is made using actual gold and is priced at $400 per pound. In addition, there are only six creameries in the U.K. that are licensed to produce this type of cheese and are protected under European law. According to, the production of the Stilton is limited to three countries, which are Derbyshire, Leicestershire, and Nottinghamshire. This makes the traditional British Stilton is known for its unique aroma and distinct taste.

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Moose Cheese - $500/Pound


One more unique and very rare type of cheese is the Moose cheese, which comes as the second most expensive cheese. According to CheeseHouse, this product comes from Bjursholm, Sweden, and is the only place where it is produced. This type of cheese comes from three sibling moose, Gullan, Haelga, and Juna. They can produce about 600 pounds of cheese per year, which is priced at around $500 per pound.

Pule - $600/Pound


It is not a surprise that the Pule comes in as the most expensive cheese on the planet because of its rarity. According to, the only place where Pule cheese is created is in a donkey reserve located in Zasavica, Serbia. This is the only reserve that houses the now endangered Balkan donkeys.

Pule cheese is made by hand-milking around 100 Balkan donkeys to produce 1,000 pounds of cheese. The price for this product is currently at $600 per pound. Aside from its rarity, the hefty price tag is also to sponsor the Zasavica donkey reserve's conservation projects.

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