Alcohol, Soda, Coffee: Unhealthy Drinking Habits That May Shorten Your Life

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Whether it is Alcohol or Not Here are the Drinking Habits, you Need to Stop Now
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Drinking is one of the most important activities the body needs apart from eating. Aside from water, there are varieties of drinks or beverages that you can choose from to quench your thirst and provide fluids for your body. Because we drink every day, we develop drinking habits without noticing it.

The effects of drinking depend on what you choose to consume. When you drink water, WebMD notes that you will be avoiding dehydration. NIDirect, on the other hand, states that if alcohol is being consumed, it navigates through the bloodstream and affect the organs.

How about another beverage? Of course, alcohol and water are not the only things you drink. Other beverages need proper etiquette when taking them. Here are drinking habits you should give up to live healthier, also mentioned by Eat This Not That.

Drinking soda every day

According to Healthline, added sugar could be dangerous to your health when taken in excess. That means sodas every day (which is known lots of sugar inhibit that) will be harmful to your body in the long run.

The New York Times mentions a study suggesting that a daily soda can lead to a 7% heightened risk of death. And if you're on a diet, Healthline notes that sodas do not make you feel full and increases weight, so better avoid them.

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Drinking a lot of protein shakes

If you are planning to build those abs and muscles, then protein shakes might be your go-to drink. Harvard Medical School notes that too many protein shakes may cause digestive distress. They add that the product may be high in sugar, which is dangerous for the body.

Medical News Today stresses that most research suggests that eating more than 2 g per kg of bodyweight of daily protein may cause health problems in the long run.

Three glasses of milk per day

We understand that milk tastes delicious but chugging three glasses per day is a bit much. Eat This Not That highlights that a 10% increased chance of death in mean and 44% increased risk of cancer for women affects drinking three or more glasses of milk per day. Cleveland Clinic also mentions a study that says drinking three or more milk glasses per day is associated with the risk of hip fracture and fracture.

Drinking Juice Everyday

According to Time, since the juice has sugar, they note that the body assumes that calories and substance should be together with the sugar, and without them, you might feel hungry, potentially leading you to overeat.

Meanwhile, UC Davis Health mentions a study that demonstrates juices to possess elevated lead levels that can cause neurodevelopmental problems in children.

Coffee Overload

Mayo Clinic notes in The Journal that those who drink 28 cups of coffee per week have a higher (21%) risk of dying prematurely. They add that men have a 20% higher risk than women in this aspect. Eat This Not That notes that the 28 cups a week amounts to 4 cups of coffee per day can affect your life in the long run. They recommend considering lesser consumption.

Giving up these Drinking Habits can make you healthier and enjoy life longer. Remember that moderation must always win when it comes to food because excessive consumption can lead to darker times of your life.

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