Quesadillas With a Twist: This TikTok Tortilla Trend is Taking the Internet by Storm

Jan 15, 2021 01:11 PM EST | By Kristine M. (staff@foodworldnews.com)

Quesadillas With A Fun Twist: The TikTok Tortilla Trend You Can Go Crazy With

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TikTok has brought us a multitude of food hacks that trended and went viral over the internet last year. This year, the TikTok universe is not showing any signs of stopping when it comes to trending new food hacks. One of the latest trends nowadays that is getting a tremendous amount of buzz is the TikTok Tortilla trend.

According to the Washington Post, the #TortillaTrend video uploaded in TikTok already reached more than 2 billion views in just a little over a week

Different videos show that this food hack involves cutting four slits into a flour tortilla and topping each quadrant with a different ingredient.

Chef and Cookbook Author Pati Jinich describes this newest food hack as a brilliant rediscovering of quesadillas. She adds that it is perfect for families so that each member can customize it to the individual's taste. Plus, it is also an excellent way to make use of leftovers.

Since most people spend time cooking at home, you can easily find leftover ingredients you can use for this food hack. As a result, food bloggers, home chefs, and professional chefs joined in the trend.

Jinich recommends heating the tortilla first on both sides to make it more resilient and pliable before assembling the ingredients and toasting. As for the ingredients, there is no need to go beyond the number of components. The food hack is simple and allows you to incorporate four tasty elements.

TikTok Tortilla Trend And Its Variations

As it went viral, Tiktok users have discovered a wide range of variations to customize the dish to their liking. As per Elite Daily, this food hack can be made suitable for snacks, dessert, and even a full meal for lunch or dinner. Some of the variations seen in TikTok are as follows.

Ultimate Breakfast Tortilla Wrap

   @everything_delish PIZZA QUESADILLA WRAP HACK #pizza #recipe #learnontiktok #tortilla #foodtiktok #food #foodhack #quesadilla #cookinghacks  ♬ Steven Universe - L.Dre     

The perfect breakfast in a wrap includes eggs, avocado, cheese, and your sauce of choice. It is quick, easy, and nutritious as well. In addition, you can have this as you on-the-go complete breakfast.

Tortilla Wrap Snacks

There are multiple ways you can prepare your tortilla wraps as a snack. One recipe you can try involves tomato sauce, cheese, and mushrooms. This can be referred to as a pizza in a tortilla wrap snack. Another option is using hamburger meat, cheese, onions, and lettuce to create a cheeseburger tortilla wrap.

Delicious Tortilla Wrap Desserts

We can't leave dessert behind. Using chocolate spread, crumbled cookies, and strawberries is one simple way to create a delicious tortilla wrap dessert. For a fruity type of dessert, you can opt for brie, honey, blueberries, and apple slices. It's a savory and sweet tortilla wrap to satisfy your sugar cravings.

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Going Beyond Tortilla

 @telehuefood Hopping on this trend with a clear tortilla #tortillatrend #ricepaper #Recipe #MyRoutine #vietfood ♬ Pennies From Heaven - Louis Prima  

One surprising variation of this food hack made use of a different ingredient instead of the usual tortilla wrap. A TikTok user and also a fan of Vietnamese cuisine chose to use rice paper to come up with her version of the Tortilla trend. Cutting the usual four quadrants, she then fills each one with rice noodles, meat, veggies, and peanut sauce.

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