Experts Reveal Foods That Can Make Your Skin Look Worse

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Experts Reveal Foods That Can Make Your Skin Look Worse

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Most people know that our eating habits generally affect the health of our bodies. However, our understanding of this is mainly focused on our body's major organs, such as the heart, brain, liver, kidney, and mostly our digestive organs. Sadly, not many people have a profound understanding of how this affects our body's largest organ, which is our skin.

According to WebMD, Dermatologist Ellen Marmur, MD, explains that there are hundreds of processes involved in the skin renewal cycle, of which the foods you eat, play an essential part.

Our skin is in constant construction and uses vitamins and nutrients from food to repair and rebuild. At the same time, there are foods that can do worse for your skin's health, which you need to avoid.

1. Fatty cuts of meat

One way to prevent breakouts is to avoid fatty cuts of meat like short ribs. These contain high levels of saturated fats that are linked with increased insulin growth factor, which stimulates the production of hormones that can increase acne production.

2. Highly processed meats

If you want clear, fresh skin, you might want to cut down or avoid highly processed meats like bacon, hot dogs, and pepperoni. They contain high amounts of nitrates that can cause wrinkles and inflammation on your skin.

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3. High glycemic foods

Foods with a high glycemic index are also ones you need to avoid if you want healthy skin. According to the Insider, high glycemic foods make it difficult for the immune system to fight bacteria that cause acne, resulting in breakouts. Additionally, these foods can also lead to collagen breakdown, which results in premature aging.

4. Artificial sweeteners

These can affect our hormones in the same way as sugar, which can contribute to breakouts. Furthermore, like high glycemic foods, this causes collagen to lose its elasticity and flexibility, which causes aged and wrinkled skin.

5. Dairy products

Although there may be benefits in consuming dairy products, several studies reveal that it can adversely affect your skin. Mount Sinai School of Medicine Assistant Professor Diane Madfes, MD, FAAD, said that there is a significant correlation between milk consumption and acne. She added that insulin levels increase due to the consumption of cow's milk.

As a result, it increases circulating cortisol levels that bind with the sebaceous gland, which increases sebum production. This issue is the same for dairy products made using cow's milk. To avoid acne breakouts, pick milk alternatives like almond milk or other non-dairy products.

6. Whey protein

Medical Director and Board Certified Dermatologist Dr. Yoram Harth say that whey protein has long been associated with acne breakouts. This is because of the increase in production of the hormone called insulin-like growth factor 1, or IGF-1. This hormone increases the production of sebum, which results in breakouts.

7. Soda

Preventing wrinkles and maintaining youthful, fresh skin is possible if you are to avoid soda. Regularly consuming soda can make your skin lackluster and speed up your body's production of wrinkles. This is because soda contains high levels of phosphates that can thin your skin and cause premature aging.

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