Watch Out! These 5 Things Should Never Go Down Your Drain To Avoid Costly Plumbing Repairs

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5 Things That Should Never Go Down Your Drain to Avoid Blocking Them
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Ronald Baker, age 57, cleans a sink in the kitchen at Valley State Prison (VSP) on December 18, 2013 in Chowchilla, California.

The Kitchen Sink is one of your best friends if you are a working homemaker. It can be a hassle if you are working on a meal and suddenly it got clogged, and water turns to spill. This happens when things that should never go down your drain block the flow of water.

There are times that you think disposing of something is a bit of hassle that is why you just let them go down your drain to make everything clean in a faster way. But that is not healthy for the plumbing and your sink.

There are things that you should not let go down the drain to prevent yourself from spending too much on a plumber. Here are things that you should never allow to go down your drain. 


Even you crush them a little bit to fit the drain, it is not good to let them slide down the drain. Insider shares that when these materials are wet, they stick to the pipe and garbage disposal blades, challenging to remove when the coating hardens. Reader's Digest adds that the sharp, hard edges of eggshells can collect other things that come down and will cause blockage eventually. 

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The excess flour on the counter after manually preparing that pizza crust should not go to your sink. According to Family Handyman, the flour thickens when it is mixed with water that can cause blockage on your pipes, which will start from the coating of the edges then catch other materials that go down. They recommend putting the excess flour in the bin instead of the kitchen sink. 

Produce Stickers

The stickers in the apples and peaches you bought in the grocery stores should be in the bin, not carried by water down the drain. Reader's Digest shares that these stickers do not melt and can clog your drain. It adds that the stickers can also block screens and filters or pumps from the water treatment plan. 


Be careful when you are draining pasta in the drain because they also pose a danger when it comes to your sink. Insider points out that they can well up block your pipes and get tangles in your garbage disposal blades. To remove blocking caused by pasta, Insider recommends pouring boiling water or utilizing vinegar and baking soda to dissolve the pasta. 


Reader's Digest notes that grease and other oil-based products like cooking oil should not be on your drain because these materials stick to the pipe and the pipe system on the street and can cause blockage overtime. It recommends that if needed to be disposed of, cool the materials first, then throw them in the bin to avoid wreaking havoc in the sink.

Remember these things that should never go down your drain if you want to avoid blocking your pipes and panicking over spilling water in your sink. The kitchen sink and its pipe system is one that should be taken care of to prevent yourself from spending too much on repairs. 

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